WPA 30.3 (Spring 2007)

Contents of WPA: Writing Program Administration 30.3 (Spring 2007)

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Letter from the Editors

What’s Theorizing Got to Do With It? Teaching Theory as Resourceful Conflict and Reflection in TA Preparation
Michael Stancliff and Maureen Daly Goggin

Becoming the Learner: Collaborative Inquiry, Reflection, and Writing- Program Assessment
Erik Juergensmeyer and Karen P. Peirce

Writing Outreach as Community Engagement
Nicole Amare and Teresa Grettano

Standardizing a First-year Writing Program: Contested Sites of Influence
Sheila Carter-Tod

Cooltown—The Place of Intellectual Work
Jeff Rice

The Burkean Jam: Rhet/Comp, Revision and Blues, and the Universal Chorus
Marvin Diogenes


Beyond Outcomes: Assessment and Instruction within a Writing Program
Russel K. Durst

The Writing Center Director’s Resource Book
Eliana Schonberg

Discord and Direction: The Postmodern Writing Program Administrator
Rita Malenczyk

Coming to Terms: Theorizing Writing Assessment in Composition Studies
Deb Martin

Backmatter (Contributors, Announcements, Ad)

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