Affiliate Grants

WPA affiliates are eligible for start-up and continuing grants from the national organization. One startup grant of up to $500 and may be used for membership solicitation (mailing lists, brochures, trips to conferences and meetings within the state or region, etc.); communication (printing of letterhead and newsletters, postage, telephone charges); costs associated with a regional meeting or conference (to subsidize costs over and above those covered by the conference fee); and other costs associated with starting up the affiliate.

Established affiliates may apply for additional grants. Proposals most likely to be funded will seek to:

  • expand the affiliate's membership;
  • improve communication among affiliate members;
  • improve writing instruction within the affiliate;
  • support coordinated research on writing and writing program administration conducted by several affiliate members.

Proposals asking for less than $2000 are more likely to be funded than larger ones, as are proposals demonstrating matching funds or institutional commitments. Grants for buying equipment or grants to single institutions (or individuals at just one institution) normally will not be funded. Grants will be funded for 1 calendar year, unless special considerations merit continued funding.