Affiliate Guidelines

  1. Affiliates must have both institutional members and individual members.
  2. All proposed affiliates must have at least five institutional members. All affiliates must have a convener or chair and a liaison to CWPA (this might be the convener or chair). Regionally based affiliates should be as inclusive as possible, representing a range of colleges (two-year and four-year) and universities in the target area.
  3. An institutional member can be any recognized division at any college or university, such as a school, a department, a program, or a writing center. Each institutional member must have at least one individual member who has been authorized to represent the institutional member in the affiliate.
  4. All individual affiliate members must hold dues-paid membership in the national CWPA. Individual members need not belong to any institutional member, but they should have some connection with the affiliate's region or mission.
  5. Affiliates must meet at least once a year.
  6. All affiliates must submit to the Chair of the Affiliates Committee a report by March 1 of each year that includes the following information:
    • number of members, with analysis of membership patterns by type of institution, regional distribution, etc.
    • activities carried out during the previous year, including meetings, mailings, reports, research, actions, elections, etc.
    • plans for the coming year
    • a descriptive report on the overall health and vigor of the affiliate.
    • a budget including anticipated revenue from dues, grants from participating schools, regional conference fees, other sources; anticipated expenses from mailings, solicitations, travel expenses, guest speakers, etc.
  7. International affiliates should meet most, if not all, of the following criteria:
    • International affiliates should develop dialogically with people in the region.
    • International affiliates should include one or more individuals from the home culture who are intimately familiar with the literacy traditions of the culture.
    • International affiliates should include one or more individuals intimately familiar with current Western assumptions about literacy, composition, and rhetoric.
    • The motivation to affiliate should be independent of any private US interests such as expanding the international presence of a particular US-based campus.
    • International affiliates should include faculty from more than one campus, and, ideally, from at least two campuses whose home base is in that country.
  8. Affiliates requesting funds from WPA must present budgets covering anticipated income and expenses for the funding period. The WPA Research Grant Committee will review all grant proposals from affiliates and recommend approval, denial, or approval with modifications. The Executive Board will approve or deny all grants. Grant awards will be announced at the annual business meeting.
  9. At the conclusion of the grant period, affiliates receiving grants must submit to the Executive Board a report outlining how the money was spent and assessing the perceived results.
  10. Affiliates may not begin their own consultation services under the auspices of CWPA.
  11. Affiliates may be removed from the national organization by majority vote of the Executive Board if any of the above rules are not followed.

Approved by the Executive Committee of the Council of Writing Program Administrators, 1993, revised March 2001, revised January 2005, revised March 2010, revised March 2015.