WPA Assessment Gallery: Assessment Models

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The Assessment Gallery provides models of specific assessments from a range of institutions, from 2-year colleges to R1 universities, that enact the strategies in the NCTE-WPA White Paper. Together, these models illustrate that valid, reliable, and fair assessment reflects consistent principles, and that these principles can be enacted through questions and methods that are appropriate for the institution, the department, and the program.

Attached are assessment narratives from the first group of featured institutions. Each narrative includes contact information for the author/contact and addresses assessment questions, principles, methods, findings, application, and adaptability to other institutions. The WPA-NCTE Ad Hoc Task Force is grateful to the authors of these assessments, who invested many hours of time to concisely describe their model projects.

Current featured projects include assessments from:

  • Carleton College (Carol Rutz)
  • Frederick Community College (Kenneth Kerr)
  • George Mason University (Terry Myers Zawacki)
  • Saint Joseph's College (Judy Arzt and Kristine Barnett)
  • Salt Lake Community College Community Writing Center (Tiffany Rousculp)
  • Seattle University (John Bean)
  • Tidewater Community College (Chris Dixon)
  • University of Kentucky (Connie Kendall, Darci Thoune and Deborah Kirkman)