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Nominations Open for CWPA Best Book Award

The Council of Writing Program Administrators seeks nominations for its Best Book Award for 2020. This award recognizes books whose authors or editors have made an outstanding contribution to the field of writing program administration.

Award Requirements

The book:

  1. Has a copyright date of 2018 or 2019.
  2. Addresses an issue that is related to the scholarship of writing program administration (WPA) work (including but not limited to writing center administration, writing-across-the-curriculum administration, assessment, professional development, curricular design, labor issues, etc.).
  3. Builds on or extends previous scholarship relevant to WPA work, and/or addresses a notable gap in the scholarship of WPA work, and/or re-conceives WPA work through divergent thinking and/or diverse experiences.
  4. Makes a significant, meaningful, and/or innovative contribution to WPA scholarship.
  5. Makes the contribution accessible to appropriate audiences.
  6. Is appropriate for the broad range of contexts in which WPA work takes place.

Nominating Procedures

Send a brief letter of nomination to the committee chair, Michael Rifenburg, by December 6, 2019 at <>.

In their brief letters, nominators should explain how the book meets the award requirements stated above, particularly focusing on the WPA-related issue they believe that the book addresses, the gap in the scholarship of WPA work that the book takes up, and the significance of the book’s contribution to writing program administrators. Nominations not accompanied by letters that address these questions may be disqualified from consideration.

We are glad to accept nominations from authors themselves as well as faculty, staff, graduate students, and publishers. We especially welcome submissions that expand diverse points of view on WPA work and that speak from diverse perspectives.

Members of the Best Book Award Committee are

  1. Michael Rifenburg (chair); Vicki Davis; Amy Hodges; Kristine Johnson; Staci-Perryman-Clark; Christina Saidy; Tom Sura

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