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The CWPA Mentoring Project - A Portal for Conversation and More!

The WPA Mentoring Project, an exciting initiative guided by CWPA Past President and member Sheldon Walcher, has recently posted a report on the findings from the WPA Mentoring Survey. Inquisitive readers can find the full report at, but I want to feature some of the highlights of their exciting work.

CWPA 2010 - Let us help with your new year's resolutions!

It’s the new year and the new term, a time when some take the opportunity to make and act on resolutions. It might be, in fact, that CWPA can help with some of our members’ resolutions with some fabulous opportunities. Maybe you’ve decided to:

Meet a writing instructor, program director, writing center director, or other writing professional near-ish who you’ve been meaning to chat with, but haven’t yet done.

CWPA (Network) Breakfast at CCCC - A New Twist on an Old Favorite

Perhaps, as the semester winds down, you are already thinking about next term, about spring, about CCCC and the WPA breakfast at CCCC. This year’s event, which is open for registration, brings a new twist. As part of CWPA’s efforts to facilitate connections and conversation, we’re introducing themed tables at the breakfast. "What themes," you ask? You tell us!

Cuppa Coffee - Ready for L(a)unch!

Free coffee or lunch? Yes! Read on, CWPA members!

How often have you, CWPA member, said to yourself, “I know there’s another writing instructor/program director/writing center director/writing program down the road [even if the road is 500 miles long, as it is in some spots]. I’d like to get to know her or him, I just haven’t gotten to it…” Well, CWPA has some incentive for you to get to know that person!


Mid-Term Report

Just as the mid-point of the semester seems like a good time to look back on the work we do with students, it seems like a useful moment to reflect on CWPA’s work this Fall 2009 term. There are a lot of opportunities for CWPA members (and friends) to be involved with the organization – and maybe a list of some of the initiatives will inspire others to join!

Based on input that we collected through WPA Directions at the 2009 summer conference, we’ve started or will start several new initiatives. These include:

National Day on Writing: Possibilities, Alternative Conversations, Implications

I’m still abuzz from the inspirational efforts of writing/ELA students, teachers, and others that I heard about on the National Day on Writing, and that I’ve seen in the National Gallery of Writing. If you haven’t checked it out, you must! Of course, I highly recommend the CWPA Gallery… but there are literally thousands of other submissions that are just mind-blowing.