Jacqueline Jones Royster Conference Plenary Discussion

At the 2006 WPA Conference in Chatanooga, in keeping with the conference themes, our three plenary speakers presented us with perspectives on the past of the organization, and provided us with an overview of some possible oppportunities to look out for in the future. In the first plenary, Jacqueline Jones Royster asked us to consider the "lessons hopefully learned" over the course of the organization's 30 year history.

CFParticipation: WPAs @ Two-Year Colleges

WPAs @ Two-Year Colleges

  • Are there WPAs at two-year institutions?
  • What does Writing Program Administration “look like” at two-year colleges?
  • How is being a WPA at a two-year institution similar and/or different from four-year institutions?
  • What has been published about WPAs at two-year intuitions?
  • How can we better connect and support two-year college WPAs?

Come join our conversation about Writing Program Administrators at Two-Year Colleges. This conversation will be a part of this year’s WPA conference, Keeping on Track: Looking Back, Looking Forward, Looking Out for New Opportunities, in Chattanooga TN. To engage in dialogue about WPAs @ Two-Year Colleges our panel proposed both an online asynchronous portion as well as a synchronous portion (both face-to-face and online). If you are interested in discussion questions like those above, please join us.


Info for Assessment and Tech Institutes Participants

I've pasted-in a copy of Lauren Ingraham's (Local Arrangements Chair) instructions for participants in the WPA Assessment Institute and Technology (see below)Institute in Chattanooga, July 13.


Dear WPA Assessment and Technology Participants:

The local arrangements committee is excited to welcome you to Chattanooga. With just a few weeks to go before the WPA Institutes begin, I wanted to pass along some information concerning airport shuttles, check in procedures, and menu choices that may help your planning process.

Secondary Writing Center

My colleague and I are opening a new writing center in the fall at our high school. It will be a full day center for one-on-one tutoring, full class workshops, extracurricular writing events including the publication of the literary magazine etc. We need suggestions for writing instruction curriculum and a structure for diagnosing student writing weaknesses and tracking progress. Any advice or suggestions welcome.

CFP: Teaching Audience: Theory and Practice

Call for Papers:
Teaching Audience: Theory and Practice

Brian Fehler (Tarleton State University), Elizabeth Weiser (Ohio State University-Newark), and Angela Gonzalez (Texas Christian University) invite scholars in rhetoric, composition, literacy, and communication studies to contribute to the collection Teaching Audience: Theory and Practice. Considerations of audience have been important in our disciplines at least since Aristotle’s Rhetoric, and this collection aims to open a space for discussing how scholar-teachers theorize and teach audience in first-year and advanced writing and communication courses. In particular, this collection will address such questions as:


Technology Institute is Full!

Enrollment for the 2006 WPA Technology Institute at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga July 13 has reached its limit, so we have closed registration.

The focus of this year’s institute, led by Darsie Bowden and Peter Vandenberg, is multi-media/mixed-media composing in writing programs. More information is available at:

Shirley Rose

OS Techno-Plank Blog

Irv Peckham has set up a blog for those who want to participate in discussions of the "technology plank" for the WPA Outcomes Statement.

Kathi Yancey writes: "We have posted some notes from our deliberations last summer as well as some other notes related to our thinking. Please do read and contribute! We'll include these postings when we work on this effort in TN next month, too."

A session at the upcoming 2006 WPA Summer Conference in Chattanooga will be devoted to discussion of the "techno-plank":
Friday afternoon from 3:30-5:30.

Workshop Registration is Closed

We have closed registration for the 2006 WPA Workshop in Chattanooga, Tennessee July 9-12. Workshop leaders Lauren Fitzgerald and Greg Glau are in the process of giving worshop registrants their "homework" assignments for advanced preparation.

Next year's workshop will be in Tempe, Arizona July 8-11. Begin planning to attend now!

Shirley Rose
WPA President