Call for Proposals to Host Future WPA Conferences

WPA Conference Siting CFP

Grand Rapids, Anchorage, Chattanooga… the WPA gets around. Each year, the WPA Summer Conference and Workshop is sponsored by one or more institutions and hosted by local WPAs, members of the Executive Board, and the WPA at large. And now it's time for us to look for sites for WPA 2008, 2009, and 2010. This is a terrific opportunity to get/stay active in WPA, to build working relationships with WPAs in your area, to showcase your academic institution, and to enjoy the conference in your own back yard (so to speak).

Those interested in sponsoring a WPA Summer Conference and Workshop in 2008, 2009, or 2010, should submit a proposal to be considered at the WPA Executive Board meeting in Chattanooga this summer. Proposals should include the following:

(1) Information about the people on the local arrangements committee. Provide names, contact information, institutional affiliation, (contacts, institution, etc.). Describe the "management structure" of responsibilities (local chair, coordinators for conference registration, web site, Saturday night social, local amenities, liaison with publishers, etc).

(2) Information about the site(s) for the Conference and Workshop. Describe the site, indicate the size of the hotel and the meeting facilities (number, size, location) for a three-day conference (250-300 attendees-one room must be able to hold 300) and the four-day workshop preceding the conference (30 people). Provide cost estimates for hotel rooms, parking (if any), meals, meeting rooms, and AV equipment (including set-up and take-down). List local sightseeing and cultural opportunities for conference attendees.
Describe transportation to and from the conference.

(3) Information about the institutions that will sponsor this event (collaboration with other local colleges and universities is recommended). Note types of sponsorship, including any institutional conference arrangers, and in-kind contributions your institution(s) can provide, including personnel, financial support, web hosting, publishing and photocopying services, etc.

Please submit your proposal via email attachment by June 15th to Carol Rutz, Chair of the WPA Summer Conference Siting Committee. Questions are welcome! Other committee members include Joe Janangelo, Elizabeth Vander Lei, and Barbara Lutz.