Cuppa Coffee Participation

Until May 10, 2010, CWPA will reimburse CWPA members for up to four different outings, no more than $25 each, to take a different writing instructor or program administrator in your area out to coffee or lunch. (To be clear, we can only reimburse $25 per outing, even if you have five new colleagues there, and we can only reimburse you once per colleague.) Be sure to save your receipt from your outing.

To be eligible for this program, your CWPA membership must be paid up (check your website profile for the status of your membership).

Participation and reimbursement requests involve three parts, all of which we hope are pretty painless.

Step 1: Join the Cuppa Coffee Group

  1. Login to the CWPA website and visit the main Cuppa Coffee group page (if you don't have an account, you'll need to create one).
  2. Using the menu on the right, select Join to become a member of this group.

Step 2: Write a Narrative

Write a 150-300 word narrative reflecting on your conversation and experience with your colleague. Your audience is the CWPA membership, particularly those considering Cuppa Coffee themselves. This public account need reveal only as much specific detail as you feel comfortable with—you wouldn’t have to name your colleague or their institution, for example, if those matters are best not broadcast. Simply, let people know what kind of experience it was and how it went.

Once you have written your narrative, revist the main Cuppa Coffee group page (you must be logged in). Choose "Create Group Post" from the right hand menu to share your narrative on the CWPA website.

Step 3: Submit Your Receipts

Submit your original restaurant receipt by mail to CWPA by downloading the reimbursement form and completing it.


E-mail Doug Downs, Cuppa Coffee coordinator, at