CWPA 2010 Conference Proceedings CFP

Update: The deadline has been extended through October 1.

This year, the Council of Writing Program Administrators will pilot its first ever conference proceedings following the WPA Conference 2010.

Many great presentations at the WPA Conference offer new theories and best practices that are never published in print. By providing presenters the opportunity to publish in conference proceedings, CWPA hopes to increase the dissemination of the knowledge created for the conference, as well as provide a written archive of presentations for those who attended and would like to cite the work in their own scholarship.

Because we would like the conference proceedings publication to be informed by the audience feedback received during the presentation discussion at the conference (you are encouraged to create a proceedings version of your talk informed by that discussion), this is a post-conference submission and publication process.


All presenters are eligible to submit to the proceedings because your conference proposal was peer reviewed as part of your acceptance to present at the conference.

Because this is the first time that CWPA has sponsored conference proceedings, we are conducting this as a pilot and will only accept and publish the first fifty (50) submissions. After the CWPA Publications Committee has had a chance to review this year's proceedings publication process and refine it, next year we can hopefully open the proceedings to all who wish to publish.

As anyone who has edited an anthology or journal issue knows, the author/editor communication that editors must engage in and the copyediting of submissions can be a very significant time commitment. Because we hope to develop a streamlined submission and publication process that can handle a couple of hundred proceedings documents, final acceptance of your conference proceedings document is dependent on your submission meeting the following requirements:

Submissions are due no later than September 15th or until we receive fifty (50) complete, well-formatted submissions, whichever comes first.


The proceedings will be copyedited and proofread over the fall, with a target publication date of January 2011.

Digital versions will be available for download on the CWPA website. The digital versions will have a rolling open access policy similar to WPA: Writing Program Administration. CWPA paid members will receive exclusive access to all digital versions via the website until the WPA Conference 2011, at which time the digital publication will be made public. Any authors who are not a CWPA paid member at the point of publication can request and will be furnished with the full PDF of the entire proceedings.

A print version will also be publicly available for sale at the initial point of publication from an online print on demand vendor. Because of the high number of potential authors in the proceedings collection and the potentially limited number of print copies that will be sold (sale of print copies normally help to offset costs), CWPA will not be able to furnish complementary print copies to authors of the proceedings.

Further Information and Questions

If you have any questions about the proceedings, contact the editors, Charlie Lowe and Terra Williams, at

  • Any individual and group presentation can be submitted as a proceedings. Whether you submitted a six-minute presentation proposal individually or a ten-minute presentation as part of a panel, you are eligible to write and submit a proceedings publication. However, in the case of group panel presentations without individual presentation descriptions and individual titles in the original conference proposal (e.g., a roundtable style proposal that has a general description of the issue and items for discussion), all authors of the original presentation proposal will need to be included as authors of a single proceedings document.
  • The goal here is not to produce academic journal articles, but rather to enable presenters to easily produce a writeup for the proceedings and record the knowledge produced by the conference. Thus, your complete submitted proceedings manuscript document (including title, author names, Works Cited, etc.) must be a no less than 1,000 words and no more than 2,000 words. If you are looking to publish an article-length text, consider submitting instead to the CWPA journal, WPA: Writing Program Administration.
  • As a final condition of acceptance, authors must supply an edited, well-formatted, polished document, properly prepared visuals, and all necessary permission forms (i.e. author contract, student permissions, permissions for visuals) at the point of submission (a submission checklist sheet will be provided). Consequently, be sure to review carefully the “WPA Conference Proceedings Style and Formatting Guide” and the “WPA 2010 Conference Proceedings Submission Checklist” before working on your manuscript, and follow the instructions within them.
  • Incomplete submissions will not be published. All documents must be submitted electronically, at one time, via the CWPA website: Use the “WPA 2010 Conference Proceedings Submission Checklist” to be certain that you include all relevant files. In order to submit these electronically, you will need to scan in the author contract and any needed permission forms and submit them along with your manuscript and the submission checklist.
  • This document and other materials are available on the CWPA website at