CWPA Executive Board Members

CWPA is led by an Executive Board, whose current membership consists of:

  • Susan Miller-Cochran, President, University of Arizona (term ends 2017; will succeed to Immediate Past President)
  • Dominic DelliCarpini, Vice President, York College of Pennsylvania (term ends 2017; will succeed to President)
  • Rita Malenczyk, Immediate Past President, Eastern Connecticut State University  (term ends 2017)
  • Mark Blaauw-Hara, North Central Michigan College (term ends 2017)
  • Heidi Estrem, Boise State University (term ends 2017)
  • Tracy Morse, East Carolina University (term ends 2017)
  • Asao Inoue, University of Washington-Tacoma (term ends 2018)
  • Karen Keaton Jackson, North Carolina Central University (term ends 2018)
  • Cheri Lemieux-Spiegel, Northern Virginia Community College (term ends 2018)
  • Cristyn Elder, University of New Mexico (term ends 2019)
  • Paula Patch, Elon University (term ends 2019)
  • Scott Warnock, Drexel University (term ends 2019)


  • Christine Cucciarre, Treasurer, University of Delaware
  • Michael McCamley, Secretary, University of Delaware
  • Shirley Rose, Director, Consultant Evaluator Service, Arizona State University
  • Michael Pemberton, Associate Director, Consultant Evaluator Service, Georgia Southern University
  • Barbara L'Eplattenier, Journal Co-Editor, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
  • Sherry Rankins-Robertson, Journal Co-Editor, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
  • Lisa Mastrangelo, Journal Co-Editor, Centenary College
  • Kat Daily O'Meara, Chair, WPA-GO, Arizona State University
  • Virginia Schwarz, Vice Chair, WPA-GO, University of Wisconsin-Madison