CWPA Executive Board Members

CWPA is led by an Executive Board, whose current membership consists of:

  • Mark Blaauw-Hara, President, North Central Michigan College (term ends 2021; will succeed to Immediate Past President)
  • Paula Patch, Vice President, Elon University (term ends 2021; will succeed to President)
  • Dominic DelliCarpini, Immediate Past President, York College of Pennsylvania (term ends 2021)
  • Sheila Carter-Tod, Virginia Tech (term ends 2020)
  • Genevieve Garcia de Mueller, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (term ends 2020)
  • Staci Perryman-Clark, Western Michigan University (term ends 2020)
  • Lilian Mina, Auburn University at Montgomery (term ends 2021)
  • Courtney Adams Wooten, George Mason University (term ends 2021)
  • Beth Brunk-Chavez, University of Texas, El Paso (term ends 2021)
  • Patti Poblete, Henderson State University (term ends 2022)
  • Annie Del Principe, Kingsborough Community College (term ends 2022)
  • Derek Mueller, Virgina Tech (term ends 2022)


  • Sherry Rankins-Robertson, Treasurer, University of Arkansas-Little Rock
  • Jennifer Clary-Lemon, Secretary, University of Waterloo
  • Shirley Rose, Director, Consultant Evaluator Service, Arizona State University
  • Michael Pemberton, Associate Director, Consultant Evaluator Service, Georgia Southern University
  • Lori Ostergaard, Editor of WPA Journal, Oakland University
  • Jim Nugent, Editor of WPA Journal, Oakland University
  • Jacob Babb, Editor of WPA Journal, Indiana University Southeast
  • Mandy Macklin, Vice Chair, WPA-GO, University of Washington
  • Clare Jennifer Russell, Vice Chair, WPA-GO, Wayne State University