WPA Research Grants Awards Recipients

2012 WPA Grant Recipients

  • Claire Lauer, Assistant Professor, Arizona State University: "12 Viewers Viewing: Establishing Models of Document Design Feedback for Composition Instruction." $1000
  • Susan Miller-Cochran, North Carolina State University: "Understanding Instructional Design Choices in Hybrid Composition." $1000
  • Neil Baird and Bradley Dilger, Western Illinois Univresity: "Barriers to Writing Transfer: Writing in the Major at the '2+2' University." $2958
  • Melanie N. Burdick, Washburn University, and Jane Greer, University of Missouri, Melanie N. Burdick, Washburn University: "Sources of Professional Knowledge: How Do High School Teachers Define 'College-level Writing'?" $1768
  • Jamie White-Farnham, Elizabeth Maeshima, and Deborah Faul, University of Wisconsin-Superior. $450
  • R. Mark Hall, Stacey Pigg, Angela Rounsaville, Elizabeth Wardle, University of Central Florida, and Kevin Roozen, Auburn University: Affordances, Constraints, and Roadblocks to Writing Transfer: A Longitudinal Study. "Transitioning International Students form ESL Writing to FYW: A Study of Student's Perspectives." $1500

2011 WPA Grant Recipients

  • Gail Shanley Corso, Neumann University: Effect of Integrating Public Speaking into Core Writing $1000
  • Anne Ellen Geller, St. John’s University: When Johnny Couldn’t Write: What Came of the NEH Grants for Writing 1973-1987 $820
  • Michelle LaFrance, UMass Dartmouth: The Quandary of Information Literacy in the First Year English Curriculum: a Collaborative Information $1000
  • Teresa Thonney, Columbia Basin College: An Analysis of Writing across the Disciplines at a Community College $1000
  • Jeremy Schnieder, Leslie Werden, David Elder, Morningside College : The Case for Authentic Transfer: A Longitudinal Study of Writing-Skills Transfer $1500
  • Susan Giesemann North, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga: "How Do We Reach the Top if We Don’t Know Where We Started?” Establishing a Baseline for Evaluation of Complete College and Race to the Top $3680

2010 WPA Grant Recipients

1.Dr. Huey Crisp and Dr. David Fisher
Department of Rhetoric and Writing
University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Eye on conferencing: Creating, studying, and single-sourcing a video archive of student-teacher and student-tutor writing conferences

2. Meredith A. Love and Matthew Nelson
Francis Marion University, Department of English

Revising the Picture:  Taking a Fresh Look at Preparedness Using Institutional Data and Surveys.

3. Dr. Kelly Kinney
Binghamton University, State University of New York
Dr. Anne Mareck
University of Kentucky
Dr. Veronica Yon
Florida A&M University

On the Meanings of Service: A History of the Council of Writing Program

4. Steven J. Corbett, Ph.D. and Ilene Crawford, Ph.D.
Co-Directors, Composition Program
Department of English
Southern Connecticut State University

SEEing Clearly: Case Studies in Metacognition, Reflective Practice, and Composition Pedagogy and Assessment

5. Melissa Nicolas, Ph.D

In the Middle of the Tempests: Writing and the Hurricanes of 2005

6. Kara Taczak
Liane Robertson
Florida State University

Rethinking Transfer, Renewing Pedagogy: Knowledge Transfer Research and Its Implications for Revising FYC

7. Dr. Randall McClure, Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Writing and Linguistics
Georgia Southern University

Researching the Quantity and Quality of Student Writing in Online Composition Courses

8. Dr. Glenn Hutchinson
Dept. of Languages and Literature
Johnson C. Smith University

Expanding Community at the Writing Center

2009 WPA Research Grant  Recipients

Sue Doe and Karla Gingerich
“The Role of Direct Instruction and Assessment Criteria in the Development of Writing Skills and Efficiencies of Grading: Empirical Results for Review and Discussion”

Kimberly Harrison and Mike Creeden
“Using Nontraditional Means to Meet Traditional Aims in First-Year Writing Classes”

Heidi Estrem
“Phase 2: Understanding the Problem-Solving Strategies of New and Continuing Composition Teaching Assistants in Multiple Settings”

Colin Charlton and Jonikka Charlton
“The Assemblage Project”

=== 2008 WPA Research Grants Awards
The recipients of the 2008 WPA Research Grants are:
Peter Dow Adams; Community College Baltimore County
Diane Kelly-Riley; Washington State University
Chris Anson, Susan Miller-Cochran, Matt Porter, and David Rieder; North Carolina State University

=== 2007 WPA Research Grants Awards
The recipients of the 2007 WPA Research Grants are:
Accessing Academic Discourse: The Influence of First-Year Composition Students’ Prior Genre Knowledge
Anis Bawarshi, Principal Investigator
University of Washington
Description of Project: The researchers describe that their study will help to “…determine what types of genre knowledge student writers enter college with and the extent to which that prior knowledge helps or hinders their abilities to learn academic discourse conventions.” They further explain that “…In order to understand more fully what transfers from first-year writing courses, we need to understand more fully what genre knowledge students bring with them into first-year writing courses.”

Researching the Presence of Advocacy and Commercial Websites in Research Essays of First-Year Composition Students
Randall McClure
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Description of Project: This study will examine “…how first-year composition students make sense of and use advocacy and commercial websites as sources of information and support in their writing. I plan to analyze at least 100 student research essays for use of advocacy and commercial websites as well as conduct interviews with student writers who rely on such sites for their information in order to gauge their understanding of both the information and sponsors of these sites. Based on the findings of this research, I plan to propose strategies for helping students recognize and write about information contained on advocacy and commercial websites.”

Theories and Practices: Problem-Solving Strategies of New and Continuing Composition Teaching Assistants
Shelley Reid
George Mason University
Description of Project: In this study, the researcher will “…survey and interview new and continuing composition TAs at my university to find out about their rationales for key decisions they make in planning and problem-solving in their teaching. Do TAs' planning and problem-solving behaviors reflect both the theoretical and practical resources made available to them? Do TAs see themselves as "having theory/ies" that they use in planning and problem-solving for their composition teaching? Do those theories relate to the ones explained or modeled for them in their education in composition instruction?”

Writing Centers in Minority-Serving Institutions
Karen S. Rowan
Morgan State University
Description of Project: This project is “a national survey of writing centers at minority-serving institutions, including HBCUs, Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and Tribal-Serving Institutions (TSIs)…The survey will include questions such as: What space and place do these writing centers occupy in their institutions? Do minority-serving institutions’ histories and contexts shape the work of these writing centers in ways that differ significantly from predominantly white institutions (PWIs)? If so, in what ways and to what ends? What can we learn about both the possibilities and limitations of working for social justice in writing centers by examining the work of writing centers situated in institutions with historical commitments to social justice and those with often distinctly different histories?”

=== 2006 WPA Research Grants Awards
Winners of the 2006 WPA Research Grants were announced at the WPA at CCCC Breakfast in Chicago, March 23, 2006. The winning proposals were for the following projects:

"Does it Transfer? Tracing FYC Students' Rhetorical Practices across Multiple Mediums": Jenn Fishman, Mary Jo Reiff -- Co-Principal Investigators Bill Doyle, Casie Fedukovich, Hiie Saumaa, Stacey Pigg -- Project Researchers University of Tennessee-Knoxville $2000.00

"Are We Making it Harder? A Comparison of Online and Paper Based Writing Instruction Focusing on Subjective Cognitive Workload": Lisa Emerson Massey University, New Zealand $1098.87 (see report presented at 2007 WPA Breakfast, attached below)

"Reformist Opportunities: A Study of Writing Program Partnerships": Diana George, Kelly Belanger (Department of English) Marie Paretti, Lisa DuPree McNair (Department of Engineering Education) Virginia Tech $1997.00

Research project results will be presented on posters at the 2007 WPA Breakfast at CCCC. Research reports or articles resulting from the research projects are submitted to our journal WPA: Writing Program Administration for first consideration.

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