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"Writing Teachers are Writers" CWPA-High Mountain Affiliate Retreat - Fairmont Hot Springs, Montana - Nov 1-3 2013

The High Mountain Affiliate of the CWPA invites writing teachers to a weekend of writing, collaborative workshopping, and reflecting. (With Hot Springs!)

Writing teachers know the value, and scarcity, of time for writing, opportunities for collaboration to push our thinking, and space for reflecting on works in progress. Moreover, we recognize how our writing lives are enmeshed in our teaching lives; our own writing practices inform and are informed by our teaching.

This retreat brings writing teachers together to:

We have two goals:

  • For each participant to arrive with a work in progress, receive feedback, and write more.
  • For each participant to take away ideas for renewing their teaching, especially with collaboration in electronic and face-to-face environments.

Retreat Registration - Postmark Deadline Oct. 4

Registration rates:

  • $30 - Non-tenure-track faculty, TAs, and primary/secondary teachers
  • $50 - Tenure-track faculty and administrators

To register, make a check for the appropriate amount to "University of Montana Western" and mail it, along with your e-mail address, to
Bethany Blankenship
University of Montana Western
710 S. Atlantic St.
Box 34
Dillon, MT 59725

Receipt of your check will be confirmed with an e-mail including a tentative schedule of events.

Room Registration - Fairmont Hot Springs

Book your room at Fairmont Hot Springs ( by calling 800-332-3272. Receive the retreat room rate of $104/night (double occupancy) by identifying yourself with the High Mountain Affiliate of the Writing Program Administrators Writers’ Retreat.


For additional information, contact
Doug Downs (
Kate Ryan (  
Bethany Blankenship (

Grateful thanks to our event sponsor, Bedford/St. Martin's, and our co-hosts, Montana State University and the University of Montana-Western.

For a PDF event brochure you can e-mail to others to spread the word, see



Events from FALL 2011

“Languages, Literacies, and the Futures of Composition”
High Mountain Affiliate of CWPA Conference
Sept. 23-24, 2011

(Scroll down past schedule for Conference Registration and Hotel Information)


A Program with rooms for all events will be available at Registration.  All events will be held at the Spokane Red Lion at the Park.

Friday, September 23: Half-day Institutes

9:00-12:00: Teaching Composition with Digital Technology

1:30-5:30: Information Literacy in Composition Classes


Saturday, September 24 Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent A

A1: Composition, Languages, and Access


“Literacy and Technology: Toward a Pedagogy of Transformative Access”

Jessica Edwards Washington State University

“L2 Genre-Based Writing Activities: Book Blurbs and Letters to the Editor”

Stephen Skalicky Washington State University

Jill Bohle Washington State University

A2: Digital texts

“Crisis or Opportunity? Hyper-Literacies in the Composition Classroom”

Justin Young Eastern Washington University

“MEmorials: Choreographing Contested Spaces”

Pearce Durst Washington State University

“Digital Life Place Narratives: Integrating Multimodal Projects into Existing Composition Curriculum”

Brittany Barr University of Montana

A: 3 Situated Literacies and Local Identities

“Re-imagining Service Learning and Community Engagement in Rural and Online Contexts”

Cori Brewster Eastern Oregon University

Heidi Harris Eastern Oregon University

Nancy Knowles Eastern Oregon University


Concurrent B



B1: Transitions

“What the Hell Am I Doing Here?: The Benefits and Struggles of Navigating New Discourses and Departmental Spaces”

Zachary Beare University of Washington, Tacoma

Caitlin Carle Green River Community College

Christopher Janus Green River Community College

B2: Engagement and Retention

“Strategies for Promoting Engagement and Retention in First-Year Writing”

Christi Nogle Boise State University

Marian Thomas Boise State University

Jan Roser, Boise State University

Amanda Bennett Boise State University


Heidi Estrem Boise State University

B3: Teacher Preparation

“The Crystal Ball Project: Predicting the Future of Composition and the Preparation of Composition Teachers”

Crag Hill Washington State University

Patricia Freitag Ericsson Washington State University

“Online Graduate Course in Teaching Basic Writing with Four Weekend Workshops”

Karen Uehling Boise State University



Keynote Speaker

Dr. Doug Downs

"Composition's Futures as Contact Zone for Screen and University

Montana State University


Concurrent C



C1: All about writing!

“The Write Moves: Kinesthetic Learning in the Writing Classroom”

Ruth Salter Boise State University

"Political Economy: a Key to WAC’s 'Third Stage,'"

Donna Evans Eastern Oregon University

“Negative Transfer: Discipline-Specific Language in Cell Biology and Neurology Student Writing”

Trudi Fisher Montana State University

"Arguing for (or against) Assigning Reflective Writing in a College Composition Course"

Michele Pajer Gonzaga University

C2: Teacher/Writers in Other Places

“The Obscured Communities of Composition’s Future”

Anna Plemmons Washington State University

Spoon Jackson Poet and teacher

Marty Williams Poet and teacher

C3: Local Literacies on a Large Scale

“Teaching Sustainability across a First Year Writing Curriculum”

Kate Ryan University of Montana

Amy Ratto Parks University of Montana

Megan Stark University of Montana


Concurrent D



D1: Online Writing Classrooms

“What Works Better Online?: Transforming the Best Practices of Writing Pedagogy into the Online Classroom”

Jen Black, Boise State University

Steph Cox, Boise State University

Jill Heney, Boise State University

Melissa Keith, Boise State University

D2: Race, Rhetoric, and More

“Working-Class Students in Composition”

Sheri Rysdam Washington State University

“Seeing is Believing: Using Mutlimodal Texts in the Classroom to See Beyond the Post-racial Myth”

Rachel Sanchez Washington State University

"There's a Trickster in Your Classroom: Understanding NDN Rhetoric”

Pam Chisum Washington State University

D3: The Culture of Academic Research

“ Collaboration, and Technology Within the Freshman Composition Course: An Introduction to the Co-creation of Knowledge in the Academy Using RefWorks and Write-N-Cite”

Carole Baumgartner Gonzaga University

Adrian Pauw Gonzaga University






Conference Invitation

September 23-24, 2011
Red Lion Hotel at the Park in Spokane, WA

Sponsor: High Mountain Affiliate (HMA) of the Council of Writing Program Administrators

You are cordially invited to attend the HMA’s first regional writing conference. An invigorating and diverse program of events will afford you the opportunity to meet colleagues from a variety of institutions and to learn more about the issues and ideas pertinent to teaching writing in the High Mountain area—Idaho, Montana, and Central and Eastern Washington and Oregon.

Writing teachers in colleges and universities are welcome to attend, as are colleagues who support Composition teachers and students, including librarians; assessment specialists; computer lab administrators; WAC, WID, and Writing Center specialists; and others.

Two half-day institutes will be offered on September 23:

• Teaching Composition with Digital Technology (morning)
• Information Literacy in Composition Classes (afternoon)

The full-day Conference on September 24 will include concurrent sessions on a wide variety of composition-related topics and a plenary lunch with keynote speaker Dr. Doug Downs (Montana State University).

Conference Focus

Composition is saturated with themes influenced by our histories, geographies, and cultures as well as the complex status of composition/writing in higher education. Everything from the air we breathe, to the water we drink, the lands we occupy, and the languages we speak have been—and continue to be—contested. This Conference encourages participants to explore the multiple themes that characterize students, teachers, the institutions in which we teach, and the subject of Composition Studies. In particular, participants will be invited to explore how languages and literacies impact our teaching and what that exploration can tell us about the futures of composition. The HMA leadership team has purposely made “futures” plural because we believe that the exploration of languages and literacies (as well as a myriad of other themes) will generate many possibilities rather than one uniform approach to teaching writing. Many excellent colleagues will present their work at this conference and invite attendees to consider new territory in the futures of Composition. Presentations will occur in a variety of formats that interpret the conference theme from multiple perspectives. We hope to see you in Spokane!

Registration for the Fall 2011 HMA Writing Conference (September 23-24 in Spokane)

To register for this conference and/or to become a member of the High Mountain Affiliate, please visit This is a secure site that works best with Internet Explorer. The deadline for early registration is August 30; a $10 late registration fee will applied to all registrations made after that date.

Location: Red Lion Hotel at the Park

303 West North River Drive, Spokane, WA 99201 Website:

Reservations for Lodging
Spokane’s Red Lion Hotel at the Park is pleased to offer the following room rates:

Single Rate Double Rate Triple Rate Quad Rate
$ 86.00 $ 86.00 $ 96.00 $ 96.00

INDIVIDUAL RESERVATIONS: To secure the Conference group rate, each individual guest must make their own reservations by calling 1-800-733-5466 by Tuesday, August 30, 2011. NOTE: All attendees must identify themselves as a member of the Writing Conference to receive the Group rate and to have the reservation credited to HMA’s block of rooms. All reservations must be guaranteed and accompanied by a first night room deposit or guaranteed with a major credit card. Hotel room rates are subject to applicable state and local taxes. Taxes are currently 10.7% room tax plus $2.00 per room per night TPA tax.

Incidental expenses will be the responsibility of each guest of the Red Lion Hotel at the Park. The guest will be expected to leave a valid credit card or a cash deposit in the amount of $40.00 with the hotel at the time of check-in.

Guests are responsible for paying for their own accommodations. Deposits (taken either in cash or by credit card) are refunded or credited only if notice is received 24- hours prior to arrival date and cancellation number must be obtained by guest.

About the High Mountain Affiliate of the Council of Writing Program Administrators

HMA was created for people who identify with writing instruction and writing program administration, including faculty, instructors, and graduate students. Consistent with the mission of its parent organization, the Council of Writing Program Administrators, the HMA includes colleagues who are Adjuncts/Contingent/Part-time/Non-Tenure-Track faculty and welcomes members from all institutional types, including 2-year, 4-year, technical, vocational, tribal, public, private, secular, religious, etc. HMA covers regions of and near the northern Rockies characterized by a low density of institutions of higher education that are serving mostly rural areas. A key aspect of the area of coverage is schools mostly within driving distance of each other. HMA considers its primary audience to include constituents from Idaho, Montana, and Central and Eastern Washington and Oregon.

Purposes of HMA
• Build and strengthen networks of support with colleagues within and across institutions.
• Develop, pool, and share resources for professional outreach and development.
• Promote communication among colleagues to facilitate understanding of—and responses to—issues in writing and writing instruction in our states and the region.
• Exchange information about local conferences and other educational opportunities.
• Sponsor events related to professional development and literacy education.

Special Thanks

HMA appreciates the support of Bedford/St. Martin’s, Cengage Learning, and Fountainhead Press, as well as the many volunteers who are making this event possible. In addition, HMA members extend their gratitude to Ms. Linda Wilson and her colleagues in the Controller’s Office at Gonzaga University, for hosting HMA’s eMarket site. Thanks also to the conference co-hosts, the Composition Programs at Gonzaga University and Washington State University.
For more information, contact John Eliason at or Patty Ericsson at