How to Post to the WPA Job Board

To post to the WPA Job Board, you will create a blog post and enter the phrase Job Board in the Keyword input field. Once you are finished, your blog post will also appear on the home page in the main blog area of the WPA website.

Keywords on this site are used much like subject headings in library catalog citations; they allow the site to generate an aggregate listing of blog posts with the same tag. So for example, if you were creating a post for CFP Central, you would enter the phrase CFP Central instead.

In prepping your Job Board post, prepare it as you would for sending out by email (e.g., use a blank line to separate paragraphs instead of paragraph indents). HTML coders may code their job posting in HTML (DO NOT use MS Word generated HTML).


  1. Login
  2. Select Create content in the left hand navigation menu.

  3. Select Blog entry.

  4. Enter a Title. A good title will include the position and name of the institution, such as "Assistant Professor at Joe's College" (see image below).
  5. In the Keywords field, enter Job Board. This is the step which lists your blog post on the WPA Job Board; otherwise, your blog entry would only appear on the WPA home page. The input is case sensitive. Be sure to capitalize as instructed (see image below).
  6. In the Body, provide the text of your job announcement. Format your post much as you would in an email with blank lines between paragraphs. Include a full url for any links (e.g.,, and the system will automatically make it a live link in your post.

  7. Advanced: if you have coded your job annoucement in HTML, click on Input format and choose Full HTML.
  8. Click the Preview button at the bottom of the page to see how your post will appear on the site. For longer posts, you will be provided with both a Trimmed Version and a Full Version when in Preview mode. The Trimmed Version is what will be displayed in the main blog area on the WPA website home page.
    NOTE: If you see any unusual characters in the preview version of your post such as ’, that is because our website uses the UTF-8 character set, the international standard, which is different from the one used by MS Word. It cannot properly interpret curly quotes and some other special characters when they are pasted into the browser. You can edit your post at this time in the Body field and correct those characters.
  9. After you have completed any changes to your post, select Submit at the bottom of the page.


After you have posted, visit the WPA Job Board or the WPA website home page (look for the Job Board block on the left) to confirm that your listing made it onto the site.

NOTE: If you are a paid-in-full CWPA member, your job ad will appear on the Job Board immediately. Otherwise, your post will go through site moderation (so that we can prevent spamming) and will appear on the site within a couple of days.

Additional Help

If you have any problems or questions, use the WPA contact form to ask for assistance.