Independent Writing Departments and Programs Affiliate (IWDPA)

Welcome to the Independent Writing Departments and Programs Affiliate (IWDPA) page. Originally called the Independent Writing Programs Affiliate, the IWDPA revised its name to make clear that we do include writing departments, along with writing centers, WAC programs, free-standing composition programs, and units of other kinds. At present, our standard is entirely subjective: if you think you are or might be an independent writing department or program, welcome aboard. The IWDPA invites both individual and institutional members. Individual members need not be members of independent writing programs. Institutional members may come in many shapes and sizes. For information, contact Alice Johnston Myatt,  Current Officers: Alice Johnston Myatt, President; Jeremy Schnieder, Vice President and Treasurer; Leslie Werden, Past President; Secretary is Sue Pagnac. 

If you wish to participate in our discussions, ask Barry Maid ( to add you to the FREEWRIT listserv. If you'd like additional information, visit our website

Call for 2018 CCCC Standing Group Panel

To submit a proposal for the 2018 CCCC Standing Group Panel, complete the online proposal form at

Upcoming Meeting Information

Friday, March 17, 2017 • 6:30 - 7:30 pm (at CCCC Portland, OR) in room C 121.

List of Member Institutions

Many have asked us for a comprehensive list of independent writing departments and programs. The wide variety of those entities makes it difficult to prepare a list that is at once accurate, thorough, and simple. Rather than attempt that exercise in the fractals of program definition, we will simply list here all our member institutions. Those who wish to add their institutions to the list need only contact Alice Myatt at and sign up.

In the list below, the word "department" has been placed at the end for visibility even if the official name is the "Department of ..."

  • Appalachian State University - Writing Across the Curriculum & Writing Center
  • Bowling Green State University - The General Studies Writing Program
  • Binghamton University - Writing Initiative
  • Brigham Young University - College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences Writing Program
  • Carleton College - Writing Program
  • Cornell University - Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines
  • DePaul University - Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse Department
  • Duke University - Thompson Writing Program
  • Georgia Southern University - Writing and Linguistics Department
  • Grand Valley State University - Writing Department
  • George Washington University - University Writing Program
  • Hofstra University - Writing Studies and Composition Department
  • James Madison University - School of Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication
  • Loyola University (Baltimore) - Writing Department
  • Morningside College - Writing and Rhetoric Department
  • Syracuse University - The Writing Program
  • University of Arkansas-Little Rock - Rhetoric and Writing Department
  • University of California-Davis - University Writing Program
  • University of California -Santa Barbara - The Writing Program
  • University of Central Arkansas - Writing Department
  • University of Central Florida - Writing and Rhetoric Department
  • University of Florida - University Writing Program
  • University of Minnesota-Duluth - Writing Studies Department
  • University of North Carolina - Charlotte - University Writing Program
  • University of Pennsylvania - Critical Writing Program
  • University of Rhode Island - Writing and Rhetoric Department
  • University of Rochester - College Writing Program
  • University of San Francisco - Rhetoric and Composition
  • University of the Sciences in Philadelphia - Health Communication
  • University of Texas - Rio Grand Valley - Department of Writing and Language Studies
  • University of Texas - San Antonio - Writing Program
  • University of Toronto - Academic Writing Center
  • University of Utah - Writing & Rhetoric Studies Department
  • University of Winnipeg - Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications Department
  • Woodbury University - Writing Department

Independent Writing Departments and Programs Affiliate CCCC Standing Group Annual Report for AY 2015­-2016

Alice Johnston Myatt, President


Membership is listed in Appendix A. This list is currently being modified for the website. Updates will appear in upcoming reports based on changes that occur in the next year.

Bi­Annual Meetings

The group held two meetings: one at CWPA in Boise, Idaho on July 15, 2015 and one at CCCC on April 8, 2016.

July 15, 2015 Meeting

The group discussed the current status of the website where we have placed a directory/membership that includes brief summaries of member institutions as well as contact information. We noted the change in the logo to reflect the move from “Affiliate” in our name to “Association.” Members can subscribe to the website as they might a blog. The next step for the website is to continue building the bibliography (in the same manner in which the directory has been built). A partial bibliography is already available under “Scholarship and Resources.”

An action item for the group was to brainstorm ideas for the CFP for our CCCC 2016 Sponsored Panel. Ideas included labor (adjuncts), visibility on campus (on campus, greater community, nationally), and collaborative work (across campus, in community, nationally). Executive board agreed to work on the CFP to have it ready for the meeting at CCCC in April.

Other action items included a call for a new VP (two­year term to be voted on at the CCCC meeting and begin duties July, 2016), revisions to the current constitution to reflect changes in the organization, a call for new board members to replace those who have shifted off, and a need to update the current CWPA website.

Open discussion revolved around branding of IWDPA and creating a social media presence.

April 8, 2016 Meeting

At this meeting, we elected a new VP (Jeremy Schnieder of Morningside College) and added three board members. Barry Maid (ASU) and Kelly Kinney (U of Wyoming) will serve 3­year terms. Denise Comer (Duke) will serve a two­year term. The executive board will continue to look for additional board members. Post meeting, we added Susan Pagnac (Central College/Iowa) as secretary.

An update on the website revealed a hack on the server, which has currently brought the page down. Fortunately, no information was lost, but tech support at the host institution (University of Mississippi) are working on rebuilding the page and adding security measures.

The abstract of the CFP for CCCC 2017 Sponsored Panel was revealed as is as follows: “Cultivating Capacity, Creating Change” • The Independent Writing Departments and Programs Association is issuing a call for a panel of presenters to discuss opportunities for increasing visibility of independent departments and programs through collaborative work across campus, within communities, and/or nationally.

A more complete CFP will be distributed via various listserves. Post meeting update: the sponsored panel selected three submissions and has submitted a full proposal to CCCC 2017 leadership.

Open discussion included a visit from Charlie Lowe as a representative from the Intellectual Property Caucus. This group has expressed an interest in collaborating with the IWDPA on a workshop for 2017 CCCC. Another idea was to add the Majors Coalition SIG, which was agreed upon. The collaboration was approved and a full­proposal is forthcoming.

Standing Group Sponsored Panel • 2016

IWDPA hosted its first sponsored panel at CCCC, designed to recognize the value of interrogating the dynamics embedded within the word “independence.” Presenters were Dara Rossman Regaignon from NYU, Bryan McNeely from University of Kentucky, and Heidi McKee from Miami University, Ohio. We had approximately 40 people in attendance with lively discussion and several positive interactions that will likely lead to additional members for IWDPA and an increased interest in upcoming panel CFPs.

Opportunities for Development/Growth

●      Active participation in sponsored panels

●      Collaborative workshop with the Intellectual Property Caucus and the Majors Coalition SIG

●      Continued development of a useful website for members/potential members

AY 2016­-2017 Plans/Objectives/Goals

●      Review/revise bylaws

●      Complete website

●      Add members to the board

●      Create opportunities for institutions to join IWDPA

●      Increase social media presence