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Call for Nominations: CWPA Executive Board

In July 2014 the CWPA Executive Board will say goodbye to members Kate Ryan, Montana State University; Mark McBeth, City University of New York; and Peter Adams, Community College of Baltimore County. We therefore invite nominations for three new Executive Board members.

The Executive Board oversees the CWPA, its events, and its activities; forms policies and procedures for its management; and engages in special projects and initiatives. The new Board members will serve for three years, with terms beginning in July 2014.

Ending the Use of "Sloppy Copy"


I have long respected what K-12 teachers do. If anything, I meant to convey some of this respect in my recent post “The Blame Game.”

So I hope it is clear that have no desire to criticize elementary school teachers. But because my First Year students sometimes express reductive ideas about how writing should be done, I am concerned with how writing tasks are being represented at all levels of education. And there is one all-too-common way that writing is represented in the lower grades that is catchy and, well, cute. It is also misleading.

"Writing Teachers are Writers" CWPA-High Mountain Affiliate Retreat - Fairmont Hot Springs, Montana - Nov 1-3 2013

The High Mountain Affiliate of the CWPA invites writing teachers to a weekend of writing, collaborative workshopping, and reflecting. (With Hot Springs!)

Writing teachers know the value, and scarcity, of time for writing, opportunities for collaboration to push our thinking, and space for reflecting on works in progress. Moreover, we recognize how our writing lives are enmeshed in our teaching lives; our own writing practices inform and are informed by our teaching.

This retreat brings writing teachers together to: