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Writing Women's Lives - A Revision Workshop

Have you ever tried chronicling the events of your life? Do you need help bringing clarity to your writing? If so, join the UIC Writers Series this fall for Writing Women’s Lives – A Revision Workshop.

This four-week memoir writing course is just what you need to make your memoir come alive! Sharing your life story is an important way to document your history. Learn to incorporate the following memoir writing techniques into your work:

• How to be cinematic
• How to use concrete sensory images
• How to be specific
• How to write what you feel
• And more!

If you are familiar with the memoir writing genre and already have a work-in-progress that needs to be revised or polished (at least several pages long), Writing Women’s Lives – A Revision Workshop is the class for you.

Thematic courses and inquiry

Posted for James LeDoux:

I am a grad student at Boise State University and would like to solicit some responses regarding thematic courses and inquiry-based teaching methods from experienced basic writing/developmental writing instructors. My class project partner and I are wondering if any of your courses are thematically based. If so, what kind of theme(s) do you use and why?

We are also interested in inquiry-based teaching methods. What kinds of things do you do to set up an inquiry based class and what has been your
experience teaching in this method (in other words, what are some advantages and disadvantages to inquiry that you've noted)?

Basic writing wiki help

Hello (and apologies for cross-posting),

I am teaching a graduate class on the teaching of basic writing this term, and we are now into the sixth week of the course. We need your help. The major project for the course is to add to the wonderful wiki resource that Linda Adler-Kassner's graduate students posted last spring. If you are not familiar with it, take a look at

Prison education

I'm in a composition seminar doing my paper on my experiences as a teacher in a state prison--specifically on writing/ participation (in its various forms)/ education providing a "voice" inmates may not develop otherwise. Does anyone have suggestions re: source material? I'm still checking out lots of sources looking for material that will address my particular topic. Thanks if you can help!

WPA at MLA 2006: in brief

Dear WPA Members and Friends:

If you're going to MLA in Philadephia this year, please note these WPA events on your convention schedules:
(more details available at

Panel: “Moving toward Inclusion: Thirty Years of the Council of Writing Program Administrators,” Friday, December 29th, 1:45–3:00 p.m., Room 307 of the Philadelphia Marriott.

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WPA at MLA 2006

WPA at MLA: 30th Anniversary

The 2006 MLA Convention will mark the 30th Anniversary of the MLA session at which the Council of Writing Program Administrators was founded. To celebrate that occasion, this year’s panels look back at WPA’s efforts at inclusion over the past thirty years and discuss the great potential that increasing diversity provides for us, both as an organization and within our writing classes.

Special Call for Proposals: WPA Conference Site for 2008

I'm posting the following notice on behalf of the Conference Siting Committee--Shirley

Special Call for Proposals: WPA Conference Site for 2008

Thanks to all who submitted proposals in response
to our earlier call for 2008, 2009, and
2010. The WPA Executive Board has accepted a
proposal from the University of Minnesota and
surrounding schools to host the conference in
July 2009. However, we were unable to finalize a
site for 2008­-hence this special call.

As regular WPA attendees know, the WPA Summer
Conference, Workshop and Institutes are sponsored
by one or more institutions and hosted by local

Post-Katrina: Life in America Writing Assignments

I'm pasting in Lillian Bridwell Bowles recent WPA-L post from Baton Rouge.

From: Writing Program Administration on behalf of Lillian B Bowles
Sent: Fri 8/18/2006 11:39 AM
Subject: Post-Katrina, Life in America Writing Assignments

Dear WPA Colleagues,

I met a new first-year writing instructor last weekend who told me that she and her husband are in utter culture shock after their move from another state to Louisiana. The conditions here are still desperate for many Louisianians as we brace for more potential hurricanes. Displaced children