National Basic Writing Survey

Please take a look at the CBW National Survey of Basic Writing Programs, now available at The survey, sponsored by the Conference on Basic Writing and put into web-based format by Glenn Blalock, is intended to gather information nationwide about Basic Writing programs, policies, teaching practices, demographics, and the effects of state and local legislation on them. The initial survey results will be presented at the CBW workshop at CCCC in San Francisco in March 2009.

The database will provide national information for teachers, researchers, and program administrators about the history, structures, and practices of Basic Writing in the U.S.

Its effectiveness, however, depends on how many surveys are completed. Please fill out the survey if you have—or can obtain—the answers to most of the questions. If you feel you are not qualified to answer these questions, please pass it along to the people at your institution who are qualified.

The survey is user friendly in that there is enough space to answer each question completely. Also, you do not have to answer all of the questions in one session. You can fill in part of the survey, save it, and return to complete it later. Even partial completion will contribute to the collection of national data.

In your meetings and informal conversations, please help us to spread the word about this survey so that we can all learn more about the current status of Basic Writing in the United States.

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to e-mail one of us.

Deborah Mutnick , Long Island University (,
Rebecca Mlynarczyk, City University of New York (,
Karen Uehling, Boise State University (,
Hannah Ashley, West Chester University (,
Shannon Carter, Texas A & M - Commerce (