Conference Kickoff

As I write this in my office in Michigan, some numbers I think about:

  • The WPA workshop is about to kick off its first full day in Minneapolis, where Chris Anson and Carol Rutz will work with 30 incredibly lively, smart, interested participants

  • About 260 people are preparing to arrive for the WPA conference, which begins on Thursday, where they’ll talk with incredibly smart, interested, engaged, colleagues

  • About 1500 – maybe more! – people are reading through WPA listserv posts as they settle into their days

  • Thousands of writing instructors are thinking – or will be fairly soon – about their fall courses, their students, and the snap of a new semester

I’m just one person writing now, but through my long involvement with WPA I’ve learned that I’m certainly not alone. The Council of Writing Program Administrators (WPA) is a meeting place for all of us – administrators and instructors who share an interest in writing program administration and the issues related to that work.

At this year’s WPA conference, we’ll kick off an initiative called WPA Directions to help shape our organization’s priorities and agenda for the short and medium term. If you’re at the conference, you’ll hear plenty about this project. If you can’t be at this year’s meeting, look to this web site for ideas that develop during our meeting later this week and for opportunities to contribute to and become involved with WPA.

WPA is its members, and we are here for you and one another. Thanks to web developer Charlie Lowe for his fantastic work on this site, we now have the opportunity to more easily mediate our work electronically, creating more opportunities to contribute to and participate in the work of WPA’s ongoing projects:

WPA Network for Media Action

The National Conversation on Writing

The WPA Wing of the National Gallery of Writing

WPA Affiliates

…and more!

Watch this space for more on WPA Directions, coming soon, too.

Whether this is a welcome or a welcome back, we hope you’ll join us!

Linda Adler-Kassner, WPA President