Thoughts about Deb Brandt's Plenary - Ghostwriting, ownership, and WPA work

The first evening of the WPA conference - wow! Watch this space for ongoing work during the conference to collaboratively identify CWPA's values and focus issues - that's just kicking off, but moving fast.

Tonight was all about Deb Brandt's fantastic plenary, which raised issues and questions about ghostwriting and ownership of writing. In conversation with colleagues after dinner, we wondered if some of our work as WPAs might be characterized as ghostwriting. When we frame the work involved with writing instruction and program administration in ways that reflect the values and ideas of our field, and that frame is taken up by others in our institutions (and maybe even beyond), is this ghostwriting? And if it is, is it in some ways a rewarding or important part of our work?

I'm excited to keep thinking about this issue -- and the many, many others that will come up through tomorrow's sessions! -- as we enter the first full day of the conference on Friday. What a group!