Publication Opportunities for Undergraduates in Writing and Rhetoric

Publication Opportunities for Undergraduates  

  • For undergraduates generating scholarship in writing and rhetoric (Young Scholars in Writing)
  • For undergraduates generating multimodal projects that contribute to the scholarly conversation on writing and rhetoric (Kairos, Special Issue on Undergraduate Work)
  • For undergraduates generating creative writing in the service of social justice (Writing Our Hope)
@ Young Scholars in Writing: Undergraduate Research in Writing and Rhetoric  (print): @Kairos (special issue): @Writing Our Hope: On Tolerance and Equality (print, creative writing):


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We will be holding a planning meeting for the upcoming "Commerce Week on Writing," a format we borrowed heavily from Doug Hesse and his team at University of Denver. Of course his planning meeting was way back in May, but . . .

In any case, we are excited about what's possible and what's already planned. Update soon, but here's something about what we have thus far:

Our planning meeting is in two days. Hope to have something more to report by then. We are certain we will.

A couple of settled events:

1. At least one iteration of "NCoW Theater"--showing off some of the items contained in the collection and encouraging more local participation. I've just set that up to happen during the graduate course established to train writing teachers. Makes perfect sense to me.

2. Some readings by students in our various first-year writing classes. Since all are writing about writing and since English 101 integrates NCoW so deeply, that makes good sense to us. (curriculum for English 101 is available at

3. An open house for the Writing Center, with a new Writing Center Director (the fabulous Tabetha Adkins, PhD from University Louisville). Loads of interactive activities that night, which happens to be October 20.

Thanks for the inspiration!