WPA 2010, Conversations Toward Action (July 15-18 in Philadelphia) - Ready for Proposals!!

Ever thought of proposing to or attending the WPA conference? This is the year! Go to http://www.drexel.edu/wpa2010/ to read the CFP and learn more about the conference, but here are some highlights.

This year's conference theme is Conversations Toward Action. Everything at the conference is designed to facilitate talk -- from the opportunity to propose 6-minute presentations (presenters outline a question or a problem, give some background, and propose questions for discussion, and then talk ensues!), to keynote speakers who will provoke fantastic discussion, to institutes designed to help participants develop strategies for action. It will be fun, lively, and interactive as the WPA summer conference always is!

The conference will also be held in a setting (the Society Hill Sheraton in Philadelphia) that is incredibly conducive to talk. The hotel has great open spaces for conversation, and it's in a neighborhood filled with coffee shops, cafes, and nightspots where attendees can hang out and chat before, during, or after the conference. Of course, if you're on the eastern seaboard, it's easy to get to Philadelphia -- and flight in and out from elsewhere are incredibly reasonably priced.

As at last year's conference, WPA 2010 will feature the WPA Mentoring Project, an effort designed to provide mentors to writing instructors and program directors just entering the profession, or with lots of experience. We'll also bring back WPA Directions, a project to solicit ideas based on what conference attendees are hearing and thinking and provide input into CWPA's future directions and projects.

All of us who are part of CWPA and the Philadelphia Affiliate of CWPA (the local hosts) are working to make WPA 2010 a huge success -- and we need you to do it, too! If you have questions about the conference, of course send word -- via the "contact" link on this web site, or via e-mail to Linda.Adler-Kassner@emich.edu. We'll see you in Philadelphia!