Going Public: Sustaining School and Community Literacies Conference (CFP Deadline August 7, 2010, Conference October 7 & 8)

The Kansas Association of Teachers of English invites proposals for practical and experiential 45-minute sessions that explore students’ development as readers and writers both inside and outside our classrooms. The 2010 conference theme--"Going Public:
Sustaining School and Community Literacies"--may address questions such as the following: How can we best support our students’ literacy development? How do our school-based reading and writing activities relate to our students’ extracurricular reading and writing? What should the public roles of teachers be? How can we best inform the public about our educational concerns? How can we encourage our students—and ourselves—to become more critical and active participants in our communities?

Though the final abstract deadline is August 7, screening of abstracts will begin immediately. The 99th KATE Conference will be held October 7 and 8 in Wichita, Kansas. Please go to KATEonline.org for more information.

Phillip P. Marzluf
Kansas State University