12/15/05 proposal deadline: East Central Writing Centers Association Conference

Conference Theme: The Work at Hand: Investigation, Articulation, and Labor in the Center -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CALL FOR PROPOSALS (CFP): One of the most persistent problems in writing center work is enabling our institutions and campus communities to understand what we do, why we do it, and how we do it—at least enough to trust the work we are doing. As we struggle for this collective understanding, which can extend to our sense of in/exclusion in/from the academic community and our sense of how our work is valued there, we also fight for autonomy and self-determination that other academic entities seldom enjoy. At times, our field can seem at odds with itself in pursuing these seemingly conflicting goals of inclusion and autonomy, and at a loss for articulating in meaningful ways for others how we know what we do is working. Somehow, we know that our work is very different and needs to be so; others have not always understood that. We can make this better—our field’s emphasis on collaboration is one of its greatest gifts. The question is how. This conference theme takes a stab at that question with two premises that should be familiar to most writing center supporters: we understand better when we communicate what we know & how we know it, and we know more when we work through our ideas with others. When we work toward deeper understanding of our own work, together, we also facilitate greater depth in explaining and exploring what we do with others. This conference is designed to provoke and share that depth of understanding. Potential conference topics should interest tutors as well as others, and can include but are not limited to: Writing center research work Making tutoring work with your course load/major Keeping work as a tutor manageable Working with specific groups Working with challenging peers/colleagues/writers The intra-institutional work of the writing center Integrating the working responsibilities/roles of the WCD Working out (of) the history of (the) writing center(s) Importing/exporting writing center work Best practices/what works Working with technology The labor and workers in writing centers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SESSION ALTERNATIVES: Participants are welcomed to share conversation, attend sessions, review publisher exhibits, snack, share meals, and hear outstanding featured speakers. This conference also provides these specific modes of participation: Research Forum: Thursday afternoon conference participants are welcomed to work together on developing research ideas, methods, and projects with others from the field. Conference participants can share their research or lead discussion tables, as well as learn from more experienced researchers. Concurrent Sessions: Friday morning through Saturday afternoon will provide a wide array of individual papers, workshops, roundtable discussions, and panels. Poster Sessions: Friday afternoon and Saturday morning will provide two opportunities for conversation with presenters in a gallery of project, initiative, practical, and other presentations. ECWCA sessions: The conference will host the ECWCA Executive Board meeting on Saturday morning and a plenary session on Saturday afternoon, both open to all conference participants. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT DATES: Proposal deadline: **Extended to December 15th, 2005** Notification by: January 1st, 2006 Early registration ends: February 1st, 2006 Conference-rate lodging ends: February 17th, 2006 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either of the conference co-chairs: Bill Macauley: WMacauley@wooster.edu | Office: (330) my office phone | Home: (330) 829-9192 Rodney Dick: dickrf@muc.edu | Office: (330) 823-4792 | Home: (330) 433-0219 Remember, the deadline for proposals is December 15, 2005. We hope to see you in March.