Introducing WPA-GO, WPA's graduate organization!

Are you a graduate student interested in WPA work? Do you want to learn more about the possibilities of even becoming interested in such work? If so, the WPA Graduate Organization, or WPA-GO, is for you!

WPA-GO was created by and for graduate students. WPA-GO seeks to strengthen connections between graduate students interested in program direction and administration and those who are engaged in this work. They're in the process of planning activities both face-to-face (such as sessions at the upcoming WPA conference) and on-line (such as their brand new Facebook page!) to help graduate students interested in program direction and administration to get to know one another.

Belonging to WPA-GO requires no additional membership dues and joining is a click away. To officially join WPA-GO and receive WPA-GO updates, send an e-mail to with “Join” in the subject line. You can also follow us on Facebook by sending a friend request to WPA-GO.

To learn more about WPA-GO plan to attend one of their upcoming events, too!

• Sam’s Pub Crawl at the Computers and Writing Conference 2010, sponsored by WPA-GO - Thursday, May 20th at 8pm, Starting place TBA

• WPA-GO Meet and Greet @ the WPA Conference 2010 - Friday, July 16th at 7pm, Society Hill Sheraton

 WPA-GO came into being because graduate student members of CWPA decided that they wanted to have their own organization within the larger body. They organized and have taken the proverbial bull by the horns every step of the way. In that way, WPA-GO is also a great illustration of CWPA's mantra (well... my mantra for CWPA, anyway!): CWPA is all of us!