WPA 2010 - Thanks to everyone!

A week ago today we were in the midst of WPA 2010, this year's spectacular conference. We had record attendance -- 370 of our colleagues gathered in Philadelphia to talk together their inquiries into program direction, writing instruction, research practices, and more.

This year's Town Hall Meeting was devoted to gathering more input on CWPA's directions and learning about participants' interests -- more on that in the very near future. We also also solicited volunteers for CWPA committees. If, reader(s) of this message, you are interested and weren't able to sign up, you can still indicate interest by completing this survey (with the now-corrected link and thanks to Bradley Dilger!)

Thanks to EVERYONE who made CWPA 2010 such a huge success -- the incredible Philadelphia Area WPA affiliate members who helped out, fabulous local chair Eli Goldblatt, and everyone who attended. It's going to be a fantastic (and busy) fall -- watch this space for news!