WPA 29:1/2 (Fall 2005) in the mail

Dear Members of the Council of Writing Program Administrators:

The latest issue of WPA: Writing Program Administration (29.1/2 [Fall 2005]) was mailed out to current members several weeks ago. If you have not received your copy of the issue, please let John Tassoni, WPA Secretary pro tem, know: tassonjp@muohio.edu

Many thanks to our WPA Managing Editors--Greg Glau, Barry Maid, and Duane Roen-- and the entire Editorial Team for bringing us these thought-provoking and useful articles.

David Blakesley, the WPA Web Developer, has posted an electronic version of the previous issue (WPA 28.3 [Winter 2005]) on the website at this node: http://wpacouncil.org/node/348

Access to the contents of back issues will soon be significantly broader and easier for researchers on writing program administration:

The Council of Writing Program Administrators recently signed a contract with EBSCO Publishing to provide full text versions of WPA journal content for inclusion in their online bibliographic databases. The content should become available sometime this year.

Shirley Rose, President
Council of Writing Program Administrators

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