Call for Nominations WPA-Go Graduate Committee Elections

***DEADLINE EXTENDED to NOV 7, 2014. Get your nominations in this week!***

In July 2015 the WPA-GO Graduate Committee (GC) will say goodbye to current members Christine Garcia, Brian Hendrickson, and Heather Stone; in addition, our current Chair, Al Harahap, will be moving into a special projects and advisory role rather than serving on the standing committees per the organization's succession plan. Therefore, we invite nominations for four new Graduate Committee members.

Responsibilities: GC members uphold WPA-GO’s mission of working with CWPA to provide mentoring and professional development, funding, and networking opportunities to graduate students while prioritizing demographic, topical, and institutional diversity within the WPA organization and the field of Writing Program Administration at large. New GC members will begin their terms at the July 2015 CWPA Conference and serve for up to three years or until CWPA Conference of the year the member graduates from his or her program. GC members perform the following responsibilities:

  • Chair or co-chair at least one subcommittee, soliciting members and setting/executing the annual agenda;
  • Attend biannual GC meetings at CCCC and CWPA Conference;
  • Promote WPA-GO at home institution, conferences, and online.

Qualifications: Nominees must be:

  • Current PhD students with a demonstrated interest in and commitment to writing program administration as it relates to writing centers, WAC/WID, FYC, technical and/or professional writing, second-language writing, basic writing, cultural rhetorics, new media, writing assessment, or other specialties. Master’s students are invited to apply for the Master’s Degree Representative position.
  • Current members of the CWPA and WPA-GO. (This qualification also applies to nominators.) For membership or other information, go to

Nomination Process: Complete and submit the “Graduate Committee Nomination Form” (attached below) to by Friday, November 7, 2014 with the subject line “Graduate Committee Elections.” Self-nominations as well as nominations of others are welcomed. If you nominate someone else, secure that nominee's permission before submitting the nomination.

Selection Process: Nominations are reviewed by the WPA-GO Elections Committee, which selects candidates for the ballot according to the needs of the GC as defined as follows:

  • Strengths related to GC responsibilities;
  • Length of service so as to foster continuity within the GC;
  • Diversification of the GC—demographic, topical, institutional (see the WPA-GO Diversity Task Force Report at for a further definition of terms)

Note: Nominating vs. being nominated (e.g. the identity/status of the nominator) has no bearing on the Election Committee’s selection process.

Contact: If you have questions, contact WPA-GO Membership & Networking Committee Co-Chairs, Christina LaVecchia ( or Heather Stone (

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