Message from the Leaders of the 2007 WPA Assessment Institute

I'm pleased to pass along the following message from the leaders of the 2007 WPA Summer Institute.--Shirley

"At the 2007 WPA Summer Assessment Institute, we look forward to presenting materials and engaging in dialogue around the following questions:

  • What might a range of models and purposes be for ePortfolios?
  • How should context matter when considering ePortfolios in local settings?
  • What are the relationships between using ePortfolios in writing programs and courses to college and campus-level initiatives? In particular, how do we negotiate and map between programmatic and institutional outcomes?
  • What are some productive ways we can read, systematically collect information, and respond to ePortfolios at the programmatic level? How might we frame our responses and findings for different audiences (e.g., students, faculty and administrators in our home institutions, national audiences, etc.)?
  • What platforms are currently available for ePortfolio authorship and administration, and how does a WPA enter conversations about applications in response to larger campus-wide technologies and initiatives?
  • What are the relationships between ePortfolios and social software (e.g., blogs, wikis, social networking sites, etc.)?
  • How might WPAs draw from statements on best practices in ePortfolios to promote positive models and assessment practices at our own institutions?
  • What additional resources are available for WPAs to further our understanding about ePortfolios?"

The Assessment Institute will be held 9:00-4:00 on July 12 in Tempe, Arizona, immediately following the 2007 WPA Summer Workshop and immediately preceding the 2007 WPA Summer Conference.  For more information about the Assessment Institute, visit this node: