Director: Communication Program

Director: Communication Program

The School of Literature, Communication, and Culture at Georgia Tech invites applications for Director of the Communication Program (tenure/tenure track) to begin either August 2006 or January 2007. Responsibilities include: administration and curriculum development for 75 sections per semester freshman composition program (with an emphasis on cultural studies) and a 15-section per semester upper division technical communication course; training and mentoring of 30 full-time teaching Fellows; coordination of writing requirements in classes for majors; and continuing development of the program’s electronic pedagogy component. The position includes an evolving leadership role in campus-wide writing initiatives including the creation of a campus writing center.


An In-Depth Analysis of the Adjunct Lifestyle

Dear friends:

My name is Natalie M. Dorfeld, and I am a Ph.D. candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

One of the main purposes of my dissertation is to shed light on the adjunct phenomenon in higher education today, particularly in English Departments.

If you would be so kind, please take a few minutes to fill out my on-line survey at:

Thank you very much.



List of MA Programs in Rhet. and Comp.

I'm working on a paper about graduate students' place in and impact on the professionalization of Composition Studies. Does anyone know where I can find a list of current MA programs in Rhetoric and Composition or The Teaching of Writing?

Also, I would like to know how many undergraduate programs offer students a concentration in composition and rhetoric or in teaching writing.


Sarah Blazer
Writing Across the Curriculum
Long Island University, Brooklyn

Call for Papers--Writing Against the Curriculum: Anti-Disciplinarity in the Writing and Cultural Studies Classroom

Cultural studies critiques of disciplinarity have engendered a wide range of alternatives to the disciplinary norms that govern the American academy: multi-, inter-, pre-, post-, trans-, and anti-disciplinarity. We seek essays that use these notions as grounds to think through writing and the writing-intensive classroom as spaces in which to challenge the conventional organization and segregation of knowledges and epistemologies into discrete and highly regulated disciplines. Building, for example, on the work of Henry Giroux, Paolo Freire, Cary Nelson, and others, we imagine “disciplinary” writing as “disciplined” writing, in the sense that Michel Foucault uses the term in Discipline and Punish: writing produced under the auspices of highly controlled and tightly guarded disciplines is subject to surveillance and restriction that governs what knowledge can be made, under what conditions it can be made, and how it is authorized. Therefore, we see writing courses (now more and more considered to be pre-disciplinary, and therefore outside the disciplines) and language-intensive cultural studies courses (which have the potential to cut across a wide variety of disciplines, particularly in the humanities) to be rich spaces in which to enact a resistant pedagogy that asks students to think beyond and against the disciplinary conventions which govern much of the rest of higher education pedagogies.


Continuing Lecturers, Department of English, Purdue University



DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH (Professional Writing/Introductory Composition)



Up to two continuing lecturers, full-time, non-tenure-track, renewable positions, to teach professional writing and introductory composition courses that have a strong commitment to writing with computers, collaboration, and community engagement. Continuing lecturers are eligible for medical and retirement benefits. Full-time salary $31,000. Starting date: August 14, 2006.


Job Posting

These are great jobs! We have a supportive and well organized program, perfect for new graduates and WPA's. The Associate Writing Program Director has been at the school for 23 years and helps the program running smoothly. The Dean is new and quite open to innovation, of which the Provost is also supportive. I feel truly lucky to be at this location, but have to leave for family reasons. I am happy to answer any questions about the jobs and about living in Cairo.

Please pass the word about these positions.



Chronicle Colloquy: Freshman Comp, Revolutionized

The Chronicle of Higher Education will be hosting a colloquy about Topic (Texas Tech Online-Print Integrated Curriculum) featuring Fred Kemp:

Wednesday, March 8, at 1:30 p.m., U.S. Eastern time

To post questions in advance for Fred and to read more about the topic, look here:

and then check out the article that prompts the discussion:

A New Way to Grade. Don't miss it!

Visiting Assistant Professor in Creative Writing (Poetry)

We are seeking a visiting assistant professor for a three-quarter time position in creative writing with an emphasis on poetry. The position was held for a number of years by one person, who recently retired; with the right person in the job we see no reason for that situation not to continue. Ability to teach in some area of American literature is a plus. Requirements include strong teaching experience, publications, and an MFA or PhD by September 2006. Health insurance and other benefits included. Located in the scenic Allegheney region of northwestern Pennsylvania, the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford is a small college dedicated to high-quality teaching with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and collaborative learning.


Assistant Professor of Comp. and Rhetoric and Writing Program Director

We are seeking an Assistant Professor to develop and direct the university’s freshman writing program. The successful applicant will most likely teach a reduced load of three courses per semester. Requirements include a PhD by December 2006 with training and experience in writing-program management and evidence of scholarly potential. Secondary expertise in some area of American literature is desirable. Located in the scenic Allegheny region of northwestern Pennsylvania, the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford is a small college dedicated to high-quality teaching with an emphasis on interdisciplinary and collaborative learning.


Writing Instructors/Assistant Professors at the American University in Cairo


Writing Program

Writing Instructors/Assistant Professors: Several openings for experienced composition and rhetoric instructors to teach writing, rhetoric, and research in the Writing Program. Experience with information technology, Business/Technical Writing, and/or curriculum design would be a plus. Instructors must have MA in Composition, Literature, or related field within the humanities. Assistant Professor rank requires Ph.D., evidence of active research and publication agenda, and interest in curriculum development as well as teaching experience. Applicants for the previously advertised position are under consideration for the revised position.