CWPA Mentoring Project Blog

I invite you to visit and bookmark the new CWPA Mentoring Project Blog going live today on our Web site. Throughout this inaugural year, the blog will be exploring issues of diversity, difference, and identities in WPA work. Every other day for these next few weeks, they will add a featured post from one of our colleagues. Check out the opening post for more information and add your voice to this important conversation: http://wpacouncil.org/mentoring-blog

Mid-Term Report

Just as the mid-point of the semester seems like a good time to look back on the work we do with students, it seems like a useful moment to reflect on CWPA’s work this Fall 2009 term. There are a lot of opportunities for CWPA members (and friends) to be involved with the organization – and maybe a list of some of the initiatives will inspire others to join!

Based on input that we collected through WPA Directions at the 2009 summer conference, we’ve started or will start several new initiatives. These include:



The Research Grants Committee of the Council of Writing Program Administrators invites proposals for research projects that investigate issues and practices in writing program administration. Maximum awards of $2000 may be given; average awards are $1000. Applicants must be current WPA members; all current WPA members are eligible to apply.

Deadline for Proposals: January 30, 2009

Please organize your proposal as follows:

Director of Writing Program, University of California, Santa Barbara

Director of Writing Program,
University of California, Santa Barbara

The University of California, Santa Barbara is conducting a search for the Director of
the Writing Program effective July 1, 2008. The Writing Program is an independent unit
within the College of Letters and Science that offers approximately 335 undergraduate
courses yearly at both lower- and upper-division levels. Some freshman composition
sections are linked to general education courses across the disciplines. Numerous
upper-division writing courses are discipline specific. The Program offers a Minor in