WPA 36.1 (Fall 2012)

Contents of WPA: Writing Program Administration 36.1 (Fall 2012)

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From the Editors

"Recognizing Acts of Reading: Creating Reading Outcomes and Assessments for Writing"
Holly Middleton

"The Effects of Writing Pedagogy Education on Graduate Teaching Assistants’ Approaches to Teaching Composition"
E. Shelley Reid and Heidi Estrem, with Marcia Belcheir

"Thinking Ecologically: Rhetorical Ecological Feminist Agency and Writing Program Administration"
Kathleen J. Ryan

"The Problem of Graduate-Level Writing Support: Building a Cross-Campus Graduate Writing Initiative”
Steve Simpson

"The Companies We Keep or The Companies We Would Like to Try to Keep: Strategies and Tactics in Challenging Times”
Linda Adler-Kassner

"Let’s Face It: Language Issues and the Writing Program Administrator"
Paul Kei Matsuda

"Serving Those Who Have Served: Preparing for Student Veterans in our Writing Programs, Classes and Writing Centers”
Marilyn J. Valentino

"The Visual and Beyond: A Symposium on Rereading, Revising or Perhaps "Hacking the Source Code” of the CWPA Outcomes Statement”

"The Matters of Key Knowledge Domains and Transfer of Learning in the Outcomes Statement”
Anne Beaufort

"Genre Knowledge, Reading, and Faculty Development”
Barbara Little Liu

"Reading to Write and the Economy of Attention”
Deborah Mutnick

"Reading Matters: Thoughts on Revising the CWPA Outcomes Statement”
Cynthia R. Haller

"Engaging Queerness and Contact Zones, Reimagining Writing Difference”
Martha Marinara

"Queering Outcomes: Hacking the Source Code of the WPA Outcomes Statement for First-Year Composition”
William P. Banks


"The WPA Outcomes Statement—Ten Years Later”
Reviewed by Shane Borrowman

"Making Our Brains”
Anne Ruggles Gere

"'Taking Care of’ Writing”
David Schwalm



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