WPA 39.2 (Spring 2016)

Contents of WPA: Writing Program Administration 39.2 (Spring 2016)

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From the Editors

Symposium: Challenging Whiteness and/in Writing Program Administration and Writing Programs

"Rhonda Left Early to Go to Black Lives Matter": Programmatic Support for Graduate Writers of Color
Jasmine Kar Tang and Noro Andriamanalina

A Story-less Generation: Emergent WPAs of Color and the Loss of Identity through Absent Narratives
Sherri Craig

Troubling the Boundaries Revisited: Moving Towards Change as Things Stay the Same
Collin Lamont Craig and Staci M. Perryman-Clark

Notes on Race in Transnational Writing Program Administration
Amy A. Zenger

Sustaining Balance: Writing Program Administration and the Mentorship of Minority College Students
Regina McManigell Grijalva

WPA and the New Civil Rights Movement
Genevieve García de Müeller

The Yardstick of Whiteness in Composition Textbooks
Cedric D. Burrows

The Role of Composition Programs in De-Normalizing Whiteness in the University: Programmatic Approaches to Anti-Racist Pedagogies
James Chase Sanchez and Tyler S. Branson


On Keeping Score: Instructors' vs. Students' Rubric Ratings of 46,689 Essays
Joseph M. Moxley and David Eubanks

Taming Big Data through Agile Approaches to Instructor Training and Assessment: Managing Ongoing Professional Development in Large First-Year Writing Programs
Susan M. Lang

An Institutional Ethnography of Information Literacy Instruction: Key Terms, Local/Material Contexts, and Instructional Practice
Michelle LaFrance


Aspen and Honeysuckle: How Faculty Development for Teaching Writing Grows (Interview with Jessie Moore and Chris Anson)
Shirley K Rose

Review Essays

A New Perspective on Language-Level Writing Instruction
Anne Ruggles Gere

Writing Majors: Signs of Things to Come
T J Geiger II

Online Writing Instruction Principles and Practices: Now Is the Future
Elizabeth A. Monske

A Bird's Eye View of WAC in Practice: WAC Writing Assignments at 100 Colleges and Universities
Emily Isaacs

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