WPA 40.2 (Spring 2017)

Contents of WPA: Writing Program Administration 40.2 (Spring 2017)

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Letter from the Editors

Letter from the Book Review Editors


In Memoriam: Lloyd Bitzer (1931–2016)
Kathleen Blake Yancey

In Memoriam: Carol Berkenkotter (1940–2017)
J. Thomas Wright

In Memoriam: Theresa Jarnagin Enos (1935–2016)
Tracy Ann Morse

Race, Silence, and Writing Program Administration: A Qualitative Study of US College Writing Program
Genevieve García de Müeller and Iris Ruiz

Grief and the New WPA
Laura J. Davies

"How Do You Know That Works?": A Mixed Methods Approach to Writing Program Assessment
Amy A. Lannin, Jonathan Cisco, Jes Philbrook, and Maxwell Philbrook

A Model of Efficiency: Pre-College Credit and the State Apparatus
Joyce Malek and Laura R. Micciche

Class Size for a Multilingual Mainstream: Empirical Explorations
Bradley Queen

On Learning to Teach: Letter to a New TA
E. Shelley Reid

Letter to a New TA: Affect Addendum
Elizabeth Saur and Jason Palmeri

Standard English and Colorblindness in Composition Studies: Rhetorical Constructions of Racial and Linguistic Neutrality
Bethany Davila

WPAs in Action: Vignettes from the Field

U-Turns, Pivots, and Gradual Arrivals: Navigating Midlife and Mid-Career in Academe's Changing Landscape
Peggy O'Neill


Hearing the Bass Line: Giving Attention to Writing at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Shirley K Rose and Kirsten Benson

Policy Review

Common Core State Standards Initiative for Writing Program Administrators
Diane Kelly-Riley

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