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Suggestions for Emotional Labor/Wellness

We are writing to share four strategy sheets from our forthcoming collection The Things We Carry: Strategies for Recognizing and Negotiating Emotional Labor in Writing Program Administration that provide a range of ideas for negotiating the emotional labor of administration and, we think, for negotiating the emotional labor WPAs are surely experiencing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In this collection, our authors share thoughtful advice, practical WPA action-steps, mantras, and other strategies for wellbeing and getting our work done in a variety of contexts, and Utah State University Press is allowing us to share some of these resources a bit early.

While the collection includes several chapters on varying struggles and emotional labor faced by WPAs, today we are sharing strategy sheets specifically for navigating emotional labor in Crisis Response (Kaitlin Clinnin), in Disaster Response (Carl Schlachte), for Sustainable, Equitable, and Human WPA Practice (Elizabeth Kleinfeld), and for Mindfulness for WPAs (Christy I. Wenger).  

We  hope, first, that these strategies are useful and motivational to fellow WPAs for navigating the emotional labor of our current shared social upheaval; and second, that as a field, we will continue to add to these strategies and continue to make our emotional labor visible, viable, and valued. 


Courtney Adams Wooten, Jacob Babb, Kristi Murray Costello, Kate Navickas, editors

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