Welcome to CWPA's video library! The first section, Resources for New WPAs, contains videos that are based on the curriculum of our annual WPA Workshop. While there's no replacing the experience of face-to-face interactions with other WPAs and the Workshop facilitators, these videos do an excellent job of helping WPAs focus on essential topics and questions.

The section section, Wisdom from Past Presidents, features short videos from a number of CWPA's Past Presidents. These videos will be welcome to WPAs at any career stage.

Resources for New WPAs

The following videos were created in 2020 by Dr. Mark McBeth, one of CWPA's Workshop Leaders. They are geared primarily toward newer WPAs and are meant to address some of the key things WPAs should consider. For the content, Mark drew from materials compiled by past and current Workshop leaders.

Identifying Values


Identifying Values Part Two

Mission Statements


Mapping a Writing Program






Programmatic Budgeting


Communication Part 1


Communication Part 2: Difficult Conversations




Wisdom from Past Presidents

In 2020, Past Presidents of CWPA from 2000 on were asked to craft short videos featuring a few important tips for newer WPAs. That said, these are well worth watching for WPAs at ANY point on their career trajectory!

Dominic DelliCarpini (President 2017-2019)


Duane Roen (President 2011-2013)


Linda Adler-Kassner (President 2009-2011)


Chris Anson (President 2003-2005)


Doug Hesse (President 1999-2000)