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CSU 12th Grade Expository Reading and Writing Course Gets FIPSE Grant

The California State University project I talked about in my workshop in Chattanooga now has a FIPSE grant designed to study what kinds of support are necessary to implement the 12th Grade Course in an entire school district. A press release about the grant can be seen here:


The course itself was designed by a partnership of high school teachers and CSU faculty. The original task force trained another set of teachers to work as trainers, and teams consisting of one CSU person and on high school person went out to train still more teachers, in an arrangment that some have jokingly compared to a pyramid scheme. This year, we have brought the community colleges into the mix as well.


Shirley was right. Everybody actually has a blog. Now I can't say that I don't have a blog anymore.

I enjoyed the conference in Chattanooga immensely, although not too many people came to my workshop. Some people were afraid of the two-hour block. In the description, I should have put, "featuring 10-minute break!" Also, my title was accurate, but not too sexy. I wish now that I had titled it with a question, as follows:

"What if you designed a course with cutting edge reading pedagogy, solid composition pedagogy, and innovative adaptations of classical rhetoric, and then focused it on expository and persuasive texts, aligned it with high school language arts standards, and taught it in every high school in a whole state? Come and find out."