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Business Writing

Business Writing
(University of Illinois at Chicago)

When you write, what are you thinking about? Are you thinking about yourself and your text or are you thinking about your reader? These are just a few of the critical questions professionals should ask themselves before picking up a pen or e-mailing a business memo.

Business Writing, part of the UIC Business Communication Certificate Program, can help you build confidence in your writing by improving your audience awareness. In this class you will learn how to make words work harder and eliminate fuzzy thinking. You will also review various types of business materials such as e-mails, memos, letters and reports.

Grammar After Grammar School

Grammar After Grammar School
(Grammar Workshop at the University of Illinois at Chicago)

Most people can live a successful, fulfilling life without ever really knowing what a dangling modifier is or exactly what to do with a semicolon. However, many of these same people may find themselves the "victims of good fortune," where they have suddenly received a professional promotion or find themselves about to step into a dream opportunity that requires them to write for the scrutinizing eyes of others.

Why wait until this happens? Register now for our Grammar Workshop and learn how to tighten up elements of grammar and style necessary for good, respectable, communicative writing.

Writing Women's Lives - A Revision Workshop

Have you ever tried chronicling the events of your life? Do you need help bringing clarity to your writing? If so, join the UIC Writers Series this fall for Writing Women’s Lives – A Revision Workshop.

This four-week memoir writing course is just what you need to make your memoir come alive! Sharing your life story is an important way to document your history. Learn to incorporate the following memoir writing techniques into your work:

• How to be cinematic
• How to use concrete sensory images
• How to be specific
• How to write what you feel
• And more!

If you are familiar with the memoir writing genre and already have a work-in-progress that needs to be revised or polished (at least several pages long), Writing Women’s Lives – A Revision Workshop is the class for you.