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Graduate Writing Instruction Across the Disciplines

Hello All,

I'm beginning a project that attempts to explore (and starts to define) graduate writing instruction as it is occurring across the disciplines. I'll be conducting a few local interviews, but I'd first like to see what's been written and who might already have experience with this topic. I thought I might call on the expert knowledge of the WPA members as a first resort. Can anyone suggest notable sources that cover this topic? Is there any notable scholarship that takes a WAC approach to graduate student writing instruction?

Many thanks in advance!

State-Mandated Writing Integration and Faculty Development

Due to recent developments at my institution, I am looking into scholarship on state-mandated writing integration. Specifically, I've been trying to find sources that focus on faculty uses of technology (complications and benefits) and on faculty development (specific to mandates).

Wikis and Composition Studies


I'm a graduate student interested in researching the role of wikis in composition/writing studies. However, I'm having difficulty locating substantial scholarship focusing on this issue, so I've decided to reach out to the professionals. Is anyone aware of or familiar with scholars or scholarship focusing on this topic?

In advance, I appreciate any advice or suggestions that will help further my research.


Justin Jory