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Composition Forum Volume 20--Now Online

The newest volume of Composition Forum is now available online at http://compositionforum.com

This volume features an interview with Gary Olson and three articles focusing on different dimensions of the academic work of writing specialists. CF 20 also includes two Program Profiles describing the first year writing programs at California State University, Fresno and Eastern Michigan University. In addition, Volume 20 contains reviews of three new books in rhetoric and composition.

We hope you will visit the journal, and we welcome your suggestions and comments about this volume.

Composition Forum: New Volume, New Editors

We’ve just published Volume 18 of Composition Forum, which contains three essays, two program profiles, and four book reviews. To view Volume 18, visit our new website at http://compositionforum.com

I’m also thrilled to announce the appointment of Michelle Ballif as Managing Editor and Anis Bawarshi as Programs Editor. Michelle has been with the
journal for several years and has graciously agreed to take on more responsibility, while Anis has just begun working with us.