Public Service Announcements: Literacy and Writing

PSA on LiteracyWith the media resources that some universities have, and taking advantage of some of the expertise that WPAs, instructors, and especially students have, public service announcements (PSAs) can be both creative outlets (and nice talking points) AND relatively cheap to make. Since many of the major television networks (and some cable networks) have obligations to air a certain number of them per year, PSAs have a market, and hence, the potential to reach a broad audience. Further, making use of multimedia or film media can increase the power of the message we have to convey, giving us a nice opportunity to be pro-active rather than reactive (though reaction works well, too!).

These PSAs were produced by Darsie Bowden and Pete Vandenberg of DePaul University and are offered here as example PSAs, for airing or emulating. If you want to create PSAs and and share them here, please contact the NMA Coordinator or Shirley Rose (WPA President)

You'll need the RealPlayer and a broadband connection to watch these PSAs:


View the Writing PSA