Question about WPA courses from Barb Blakely (Iowa State University)

I am the Director of ISUComm Foundation Courses at Iowa State University and as part of that position, want to revive a course we used to have on the books for advanced PhD students: "Organization and Administration of Writing Programs." My goal is not only to prepare, via theory, our PhD students in RPC for possible future work in writing programs, but also to allow them to assist, via a practicum, with the many duties both the Director of Advanced Communication and I have in our large writing programs.

As part of presenting this proposal to my faculty, I want to mention other schools that do something
like this--either affiliated with a graduate course (beyond the basic TA preparation course, of course) or
as an internship configuration.

To any of you who have a course like this that helps prepare its PhD students for future WPA work--I would be very interested in knowing about it.

Thanks so much for any help! Barb Blakely (formerly Barb Blakely Duffelmeyer)