Call for Nominations and Self-Nominations: CWPA Secretary and Treasurer

Call for Nominations and Self-Nominations: CWPA Secretary and Treasurer

The Council of Writing Program Administrators (CWPA) invites nominations from its members for individuals wishing to serve as the organization’s Secretary, Treasurer, or Secretary/Treasurer. This is an opportunity for individuals to contribute their talents and time to the important work we do and to serve as a leader of the organization.  The call for nominations/self-nominations is attached.!--break--

After five years of excellent service to our organization, Christine Cucciarre (Treasurer) and Michael McCamley (Secretary) are ready to pass along the position to a new team.  The University of Delaware has also served as our Institutional Home during those years, for which we are also appreciative. 
      After some discussion, given the changes in the ways we do business in a digital age, the Officers of CWPA and its Executive Board (in consultation with Michael and Christine) have decided that it is not necessary to have a formal Institutional Home. We will instead seek a new Secretary/Treasurer from among the membership.  (Individuals may apply for service in either one or both roles.  We believe that having either one or two individuals to handle the duties listed below would be workable.) Doing so will allow interested individuals to nominate themselves (or be nominated) for these important positions, and will not necessitate both the Treasurer and Secretary being at the same institution, should the offices be held by different individuals.  Our bylaws stipulate that if we do not have an Institutional Home, that the Treasurer and Secretary will be chosen by vote of the Executive Board.

We also want to thank Michael and Christine for agreeing to help with our transition. They will share their experience and expertise, helping the individuals in this position to learn the duties and to consult with the new Secretary and Treasurer during the transition.