Carolinas Writing Program Administrators Meeting In Between (2/22/2008)

C-WPA Meeting In Between:
The New Processes of Composing: Technology, Multimodality, and Social Networking

February 22, 2008 - 9:30am-4:30pm

UNC Charlotte Up Town Center, 220 North Tryon Street, Charlotte NC 28202

Join C-WPA for this one-day workshop, where 3 colleagues will present on “The New Processes of Composing: Technology, Multimodality, and Social Networking.”

In the morning session (10-12 noon) each speaker will present on how they’ve taught new processes of composing in their classrooms, ranging from using newer composing technologies (such as animation, video, and blogs) to teach rhetorical sensitivity, to teaching multimodal research (through Web 2.0 tools and social bookmarking), to investigating new ways of composing cohesive multimodal texts (through, for example, using Facebook and Myspace as heuristics for text design). Each speaker will also share student examples and discuss how they handled assessment of such non-traditional student work.

After lunch (12-1:30), the speakers will lead small group “hands-on” activities in the afternoon session (1:30-3:30) where you can practice some of these newer processes of composing and discuss ways to integrate similar projects into your own classrooms. See below for more detailed descriptions of each speaker’s talk.

See attachment for more details, including Registration Form (registration due by Feb 18).

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