Call for Papers: 2008 Thomas R. Watson Conference. "The New Work of Composing."

Call for Papers: 2008 Thomas R. Watson Conference. "The New Work of Composing."
October 16-18, 2008. University of Louisville. Louisville, KY.

What is the new work of composing in the midst of the rapidly changing technologies and communicative forms that characterize contemporary life? We invite proposals for any topic related to the conference theme, including

* how do new technologies change the ways we understand the work of composing;

* how does access, materiality, or economics affect composing within and outside the university;

* what are relations between new and old media; between textual, visual, and aural modes;

* what are our responsibilities as teachers, scholars, practitioners; where do we locate disciplinary identity.

Plenary Sessions:

New Perspectives on Technology, Media, and Communication: Andrew Feenberg. N. Katherine Hayles. Lev Manovich. Mitchell Stephens.

New Forms of Textuality: Janet Murray. Matthew Kirschenbaum. Richard Miller.

Access and Agency: David Kirkland. Valerie Kinloch. Joe Lambert. Omar Wasow.

Text and Image: W.J.T. Mitchell. Diana George. Anne Wysocki.

The New Work of Composing: A Roundtable on Teaching, Scholarship and Administration. Jonathan Alexander. Cheryl Ball. Scott DeWitt. Bump Halbritter Charles Kostelnick. Andrea Lunsford.

Special Presentation: Paul D. Miller; aka DJ Spooky.

We welcome scholarly papers and new forms of scholarship, including videos, sound essays, installations. We encourage you to think creatively about the new work of composing.

Deadline for Submissions: MARCH 3, 2008

For guidelines on submitting proposals, please consult our website