"My Blog" at Digital WPA

Just in time for WPA 2005 in Anchorage! WPA Members can now post messages to a personal blog space at the Digital WPA site. You can use this space to "blog a conference" or just about anything else. Readers will be able to read and respond to your blog content. You can also include rich HTML content (if you choose) or just type away and let Drupal do some of the formatting work for you.

To use your blog:

  1. Click on "create content" in the right-side navigation menu.
  2. Read your options for creating content and then click on "blog entry" in the navitation menu or on the link in the content descriptions.
  3. Select the Options you'd like to apply, give your blog message a descriptive, short title, and then type your message in the "Body" window. Some people compose their messages in a text editor (like Notepad, SimpleText, Word) or an HTML editor like Dreamweaver, then copy-and-paste it into the "Body" window.
  4. By default, "Filtered HTML" is selected for you. If you want to use complex HTML and (for example) link to images or embed other content, use "Full HTML." If you're bold, you can try some PHP, too.
  5. Click on Preview. Your message will be previewed, with it's appearance in shortened form shown at the top, then the full message, and then the edit space. You can use the "break" button (or code, ) to set the break point in the abbreviated posts, as described in the preview screen.
  6. When your message is ready, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the screen, and Voila!. You have a new blog entry. Your new content will show up on site searches, daily notifications to members (who have them set), and in the "Recent Comments" box in the navigation column.
  7. Review your blog posts (and reader comments) by clicking on "my blog". You can edit your blog entries by clicking on the edit tab that (only) you see at each entry or by locating them in the "my workspace" area.

As always, if you have any questions, please post them to the Site Help and Discussion Forum or contact David Blakesley.



This is a great idea. Those of us who can't go to the conference will enjoy reading the blogs, too. Will they all be listed on this page?