College-level writing is self-taught

College-level writing is self-taught, but most college students are passive learners, especially when learning writing. Passive learners will not magically become active in their self-teaching, unless self-teaching is effortless. Granted, the obligatory introductory college writing course is supposed to lay the foundation, but it is only through constant feedback on the student’s writing tendencies that the passive learner might be a worthy self-teacher; worthy, if the learner is active in seeking timely feedback. Timely feedback means shortly before the assignment is due. Twilocity provides that feedback online and within minutes.

While reviewing over 20,000 undergraduate-, graduate-, and doctorial-level papers as a tutor reviewer for the University of Phoenix’s Center for Writing Excellence, I created the Twilocity review (for more details, visit Although the university does not endorse Twilocity, I keep trying to attract the right person’s attention. Additionally, I have used the Twilocity review for student papers in the undergraduate capstone class that I facilitate at the University of Phoenix (UoPhx).

The UoPhx undergraduate classes are only 5 weeks; however, students who use the Twilocity review before submitting papers show noticeable improvement during that brief period of use. Many of my former students continue to use Twilocity during their master’s pursuit. Several UoPhx facilitators use Twilocity for providing student feedback on papers. Because Twilocity can review a single paper or a batch of papers, the facilitators save hours in providing meaningful and consistent feedback to the students.

Twilocity does not replace a tutor reviewer because Twilocity cannot review for logic, organization, or content, yet. However, a Twilocity review before the appointment with the tutor reviewer would benefit both the student and the reviewer. Today, my quandary is how I can make Twilocity available to more students. Obviously, placing a Twilocity link on each university writing center’s Web site would help.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would be extremely grateful.