WPA Plenary Discussion

At the July 2005 WPA Conference, participants heard compelling Plenary addresses by Malea Powell and Paul Prior. We invite participants to share thoughts about the addresses and/or the discussions that followed in breakout groups. We also invite discussions and queries from other WPA members on the topics raised in these addresses.


Discussions after Malea Powell's session focused on the ways that graduate programs/professors interact with their students in seminars. Some felt that those interactions were sometimes disconnected from the work they do now as teachers, wpa's, and researchers in their current settings and jops. There were also discussions about the ways that graduate seminars modeled--or didn't--their future work.

Discussions following Paul Prior's talk focused on the ways in which our own workplace writing involved the types of borrowings and shared ownership of words and and ideas that the plenary speaker addressed. There were also discussions about the ways that undergraduate writers think about their own role as speakers/writers amidst the writing of the "experts" they must cite in researched assignments.

What issues were raised in your groups?

Dominic DelliCarpini
Associate Professor of English
Writing Program Administrator
York College of Pennsylvania