Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing 2008 Announcement and CFP

The Department of English at Iowa State University is pleased to host the Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing conference, November 7-8, 2008, and especially pleased to welcome Kathleen Blake Yancey as our keynote speaker.

We are eager to receive proposals on a wide range of topics related to our theme of Multimodal Communication Pedagogies. Our online information and submission process is at The deadline for submission of proposals is September 20, 2008.

The GPACW is the regional version of national Computers and Writing conference, and we are proud to continue the tradition of offering a conference that appeals to both faculty and graduate students and provides the opportunity for all to engage with composition technology in hands-on computer labs and technology-enhanced classrooms.

Call for Papers
Thomas S. Kuhn argued that immediately after the creation of a new paradigm, researchers work excitedly both to justify the new paradigm and to become acquainted with the changed landscape and its inhabitants. As the new paradigm/method matures, people begin to collaborate to develop best practices for the field.

This year's conference theme begins from the proposition that multimodal pedagogy is reaching just that point. Less and less do we need to justify such work, and more and more we need to consider and share how to best teach multimodal communication, or what NCTE has called "21st century literacies."

This year's conference invites proposals that describe and share classroom work in and research about multimodal pedagogy. How do we now conceive of and enact a pedagogy that attends not only to the written, but to the oral, the visual, and the electronic? What does such a pedagogy look like in various classes we teach in the undergraduate and graduate curriculum?

Proposals might consider the following foci, but can explore another angle of multimodal pedagogy, too:

* Integrating modes in pedagogy
* Thematic links across the curriculum/other disciplines
* Assessment
* Professional development
* New media in the classroom
* Collaborative work in the multimodal classroom
* Online research

Contact Person: Barb Blakely, Director of Foundation Communication,