Acessing the Media Forum on Plagiarism


I'm trying to access the Media Forum on plagiarism but it seems to require special privileges for access. Can someone tell me how I can acquire such privileges? Thanks.

Marcy Trianosky


Dear Marcy,

To access the NMA frameworks, your WPA membership needs to be current. You can renew your membership online (or find out about how to mail-in your information and dues) here:

Once that's done, your "role" at the Digital WPA site automatically changes to "member," you'll have access to a world of new and fresh content! (-:


The final page is kind of confusing. I realize it's a draft, but there is a quote that's all cut up in final paragraph.
That is all.

David --

I quickly read what I think you're referring to, and I can't see the problem. Of course, that may be b/c I wrote the template (also on the NMA site) from which the EMU version was adapted. The quote from Steve Wilhoit at the end is interrupted by elipses and brackets, but it reads like a complete sentence.

Could you clarify the trouble you're having with it?

Joel Wingard